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10 February 2010



51 and flawless. A true diva.


Wonderful, so glad to see her back.



I love that they take these breaks for real and then come back, after a decade and TEAR IT UP! I am already looking forward to the tour. I saw them at MSG with the last cd and I cannot believe how their staging made that stadium feel like a jazz club! Sade's voice is INSANE in person, hitting notes on PEARLS and IS IT A CRIME that will wear you out!

BRAVA SADE!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back to greatness! BAM!

Former COGIC

I love me some Sade!
Her music kept me alive through the 80s and 90s ... my life has had so many heartbreaks and bittersweet moments that are best remembered by her songs. I am still standing and so is she! I lov eit!


I love her!! Her voice is unmatched and so unique!


Sade & Anita Baker are very known for the hiatus acts and then coming back solid.

Mad Professah

51 and Flawless indeed!!

Lang B

Cannot breathe, she is oooooooooh!
Seriously- what black female artist has grace & presence minus all the over styling and visual effects?

Honut Sinti

Take notes children. THAT'S how you do it!

James M

Just beautiful. Sade is here to stay, watch out Beyonce and the other so called Diva wannabes. Sade's got the beauty, classy, voice, and longevity.


Another classic in the making


Flawless performance last night on Letterman. I am downloading the CD now from itunes and I know it is great. Glad to have her back. I was telling my lover last night that it seems like every time she comes back she's better.

Distant Lover

Sade is Supreme! And her timing is impeccable! The passing of Michael Jackson left a gaping hole in the music industry. Now with Sade's return, we can breathe a sigh of relief that talented singers and musicians still exist!


I am just about to wear out the title trax. Everytime I put in that CD the least I repeat this trax is 5 times. Could you believe that. Seeing her live is indeed an experience. I watch her last live concert over and over on DVD. I cannot wait for her live concert to come out on DVD.



Mikey-He Likes It

It's like she writes every song just for you. Simply breathtaking and only gets better with age.

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