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13 March 2010



COGIC is a den of snakes, vipers, closet cases and freaks. They should be ashamed themselves.


Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!

I didn't see that coming.

Saved and Proud Of It!

And of course Rod seems to have all the ammunition and dirt on COGIC.Anytime a COGIC pastor or bishop is in the news(usually for some lie or trumped up accusation) Rod 2.0 is quick to let everyone know. Their are men, they stray sometimes but these are annointed men!
So you would call a convicted rapist 'annointed'? Or is that your description of the serial molester who was eventually killed by one of the many young men he raped? Do tell, hon. -RM


There couldn’t be more of a contrast between these Pentecostal ministers like Bishop Wren and Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Rod's previous post.

Many in America, including Saved and Proud Of It! above, would prefer the “Christianity” of Bishop Wren to the Christianity of Archbishop Tutu.

That’s because the “Christianity” of Wren reflects and provides validation for their own brutal natures.

Chitown Kev

And "saved and sanctified" hypocrites are soon to follow Rod so that gay people (and others that are abused) stay in their place and not talk too much.

No matter what the counts in bodies and souls are.

You people make me sick.

And, yes, the comparison to the Catholic Church (which is back in the news) is very, very apt.

Chitown Kev

That last comment was for Miss Saved, of course.

Former COGIC

>>>"On January 30, a former COGIC pastor was sentenced to 20 years on charges he raped a teenage girl some 25 years ago. ... Ronald Paige, an Arkansas COCIC pastor, was killed by a young man who accused him of rape and molestation. Numerous male victims and their families have stepped forward with similar claims. One woman says she spoke to COGIC bishops about Paige molesting her son in the early 1980s and nothing was done. "

@Saved and Proud of It!:
And you these are annointed men?
And these were trumped up charges? I don't think so girl...

Don't even get me started on COGIC, spent the first 30 years of my life in that church. This is only scraping the surface!

Kevin Perez

The real face of the Black Church.

Kevin Perez

And I don't care if that offends (Straight) folks reading this.

J Matt

Wow, I'm in Bama (for now) and ain't heard of this madness. Thanks for posting Rod. You keep us posted, even when we aren't alert.


As someone who was born in, raised in and forced indoctrinated, nagged constantly by my father to attend and be active in a COGIC church all I can say is I'm not the least bit surprised. This isn't the half of it. You don't want to know what happened in MN. This is nothing new to me. Often times the rumors are based on facts.

John Doe

lol! its about time they caught peter wren, sr., i know for a fact he been sleeping with other woman for the last 15 years!

John Doe

These are some of the woman Bishop Wren has been messing around with! Kathy, Valencia, Tiffany, Rica, Charity, La Shunda, Erica, Bobby, and please dont forget the baby moma( Demetri) i wonder do she know whats going on! Oh! kathy is his daughter, years ago Kathy got pregnant with his child but she had an abortion! thats one sick family!

John Doe

i know chris aint taking up for know body! like daddy like son! LET THE CHURCH SAY AMEN! He left that girl because he wanted his best friend! i see chris every where with different woman! watch out new wife you may be next!

John Doe

the COGIC needs to do a investigation on this matter, because other preachers are doing the same thing but they havent been caught yet! it s time to make an example out of someone!

John Doe

I know these allegations are not true about Bishop Wren, and then again i did see him at a restuarant with this young girl, all hugged up! Weeerrrrkkkk Bishop Weerrrkkk! your wife needs to take every penny from you! Done had a baby out of wedloc with another woman and you all have been married for all these years! i been knowing you for a many years and this is just sad Bishop! Well the song writer says( its cheaper to keep her)

John Doe

I wonder will his wife need a maid once she get her money!

John Doe

Hey Kathy i been watching you for a many of years and girl you just as crazy as a bessy bug! i dont know all his children, but i do know kathy and peter jr. and chris! i know peter is just devasted about whats going on! i see they ran peter jr. away, and i heard keith was gone to the military! i know that boy seened a lot go on, i hope he dont start drinking and partying his life away because of whats going on!

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