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08 March 2010



I am so in love with that man. Sigh...

Derrick from Philly

I love him too, SOULBROTHA. Maybe it'll be his turn to win some awards soon if they ever get his biographical film of Buddy Bolden's life completed.

What about the black film maker who won for Best Documentary Short, and that crazy woman "Bogarted" her way in front of him stopping short his acceptance speech. I guess she won with him as producer of the film, but her behavior was bizarre. She's lucky he was a gentleman--if not, she'd have got the poo poo knocked out of her azz.


Did anyone else notice that Anthony Mackie was in every clip they played during the show about Hurt Locker, but yet no nomination for supporting actor? It seems like he was a pivitol role in the film.


Anthony's exuberance was palpable. That entire film crew seemed like they really bonded.

I find it interesting that it is not being widely mentioned that Geoffrey Fletcher also made history as the first African American to win for either original or adapted screenplay. Is it because people just dont pay much attention to the writing awards?

Rod Mc

@ DFS: Fletcher's win was wall-to-wall on cable news last night and all the newspapers this morning. A simple Google search shows 700+ entries and headlines in all the major newspapers. And I mentioned it last night in the Mo'Nique post.

IMHO, Fletcher 'winning' the Oscar is far more important than everyone on tv or blogs 'mentioning' that he was the first black to win that category. -RM


No shade was intended towards your coverage Rod, and I realize the fact the he won was covered, its just interesting in comparison to the constant mention that Bigelow is the first female to win best director.
No offense was taken. But everyone knows that the acting, directing and producing categories are the biggest categories at the Oscars. That's why Precious' and Lee Daniels' nominations were mentioned ad infinitum around the world. And if Daniels had won ... everyone would be talking about him being the first black or gay to win that category. -RM


No doubt. I can't wait to see what Daniels and Geoffrey do next. Fletcher penned the script for the new movie about Attica.

Great night for a lot of people who have worked hard to establish their careers.


@ DFS:


Any reason why you're not talking about Fletcher and Daniels .... in the post about Mo'Nique, Fletcher and Daniels? 'Cause it really does across as a stunt and "shade" when you leave 3 and 4 comments (after being corrected twice) about Fletcher in a story that has nothing to do with him. Because Rod is 200% correct, if Daniels won, everyone would be talking about it bc best director its one of the top 4 Oscars. Screenwriting is important but not one of the top 4.

'Cause you keep talking about crediting peeps "hard work" and you're trying to s--t all over Anthony Mackie's moment. Srsly.

Moving on to Anthony Mackie...
I'm with Bill. Why wasn't Anthony nominated for best supporting actor? He was all over that film and a joy to watch, as always. Mackie and the cast were on "Today' show, there were still high from their win, amazing.'

And I love the fact he embraced "Brother to Brother" like he did his other roles.


I'd just add that Fletcher won for his *first* feature film (adapted) screenplay, which makes his victory even more impressive.

(On a completely different note, his older brother Alphonse "Buddy" Fletcher Jr. is one of the richest black men in the United States, a major philanthropist, and openly gay.)

Distant Lover

Anthony Mackie deserves to win an Oscar on his own merit.
I know that he will one day and I will be there to congratulate the brother on a job well done.


I am definietly a fan of Anthony. I loved his performances in She Hate Me and Brother To Brother.


This is Anthony's SECOND appearance in a Best Picture Oscar winner. He also had a supporting role in Clint Eastwood's MILLION DOLLAR BABY (Best Picture of 2004). He has that golden touch...and he's just so hot :-)

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