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04 March 2010



It never fails. The most adamant opposition to gay rights is often from closeted homosexuals. I love that he got caught. You are a homosexual Senator Ashburn.



Like seriously.


James M

Why am I not surprised! Soon he will be on TV with the Bible in his hand talking about how much he will be in church to wipe away his demons. Righttt..

I bet he's been picking up men for years...

The Truth

So many hypocrites in this world..SMH


I don't know whats bothers me more... his Hypocrisy or his Arrogance!

1) His behavior is clearly hypocritical, because of his Anti-gay record. Then he is out here getting drunk at Gay clubs and leaving with men.

2) The arrogance comes in because he thought it was OK for him to party at Gay Club OPENLY and that he wouldn't have any problems. Its like John Edwards thinking he could do whatever and no one better say a DAMN thing about it!

These guys are just Ridiculous and that goes for ALL Politicians, not just the Repubs.

Derrick from Philly

I never understood why some guys on the "down low" had to be so vicious toward openly gay people, or why some openly gay men were vicious toward fem guys and transfolk. For the former it's all about diverting attention away from yourself; for latter it's about self image (not ever wanting to see any of yourself in some queen).

And what does this have to do with the California State Senator? He's on the "down low", right?

Down Low vs The Closet--what's the difference? One articulates a philosophy justifying his "lifestyle", and the other just taps other mens' shoes in the next stall.


Poetic JUSTICE!!

Ochani Lele

A warning to all women: If your man openly hates gays . . . trust me . . . one day you WILL catch him with a dick in his mouth. It never fails!


Most (all!) of these rabid homophobes are running from themselves. Sadly I do think he's going to do the whole "Devil made me do it but now I've found Jesus" thing....even more BS and hypocrisy


sounds about right.

Taylor Siluwé

Such hypocrisy.

But fortunately, KARMA's a jilted cougar.

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