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24 March 2010


Kevin Perez

Since Obama's election civility and decency in the USA is no longer evident in politics.

And to think the tea baggers would still insit they're Christians. Really? Harrasing people, yelling out racial/homophobic slurs, trying to cause commotion? Really? Jesus would approve of that?

alicia banks

i hate elmer fudd/bf!

bigots are all over DC!

all of the tea partiers are NOT bigots!

they are righteously angry dissenters!

we need to be pouring black tea!!!


Andy Niable

Time to hit the phones or email and telling our Congressfolks to vote for ENDA. They can't read our minds--tell them to vote for equality and fairness. Tell them now.

The time is ripe. "This is our time, this is our moment," as Obama said the night he was elected. Our time, our moment, time to act.


The ENDA vote was supposed to be in September...then December...then March...Now as 'early as next week'

We blew it, Gay Inc blew it and all the Dems did. We sat back for 14 months and every day it was 'when HCR is done'. Now HCR is done and Pelosi and Reid clearly said no more "controversial votes' caucus. The election season is starting and its clear the White House won't lift a finger to help fight for this.

Sorry Barney, but the Dems are not going to do this unless we have both a House and Senate vote. And the prez, Nancy and Harry are fine pushing us to the back burner.

Taylor Siluwé


If the recent vitriol over HRC teaches us anything, it should be that controversial issues are extremely difficult and have a huge backlash for people trying to do the right thing. In other words, its not so black and white.

We're are finally getting things done. Yes, lets keep the pressure on, but know that its not always as easy as it seems.

The hatemongers and pseudo-Christians are working overtime to stir up violent backlash and civil unrest. Fires are raging as we speak, and I believe some of those fires need to be extinguished before the next controversial bill is passed setting off a new rash of inevitable GOP incited fires of dissent.

Our dems are already in the 'crosshairs' of the right - literally. Give them a breather. I see no problem with waiting until after the spring recess.



"If the recent vitriol over HRC teaches us anything, it should be that controversial issues are extremely difficult and have a huge backlash for people trying to do the right thing. ... Our dems are already in the 'crosshairs' of the right - literally"

Duh, many of us always knew this, maybe you're just learning about politics. The Dems are always in the crosshairs no matter what they do. Even the ones who voted "no" on HCR will be hounded in conservative districts. But it's not just 'controversial' issues are 'difficult', ALL are heavy lifts and the GOP opposes the Dems on most issues. And Pelosi and Reid have told the Dems there won't be any other 'controversial" issues coming up for a vote.

I don't have a problem 'waiting' until after the spring break. But we were "waiting" in September until December, then until after HCR, then until March. And I expect 'after spring break' they will say wait until May and then June. Campaign season begins in May or June. Do you really believe the Democrats will schedule a vote on ENDA in June?

I don't think they will. I seriously believe we will be told to wait and wait until its too late. And perhaps you don't understand the urgency: if the Dems lose seats or lose majority after November, there will be NO votes on ENDA or DADT.


Don't foget the dems are the progressive party and progress is always met with aggression. I agree with Dalton, there are some major fires being set. But I'm hoping like hell this mess backfires on the GOP. We're gonna take a huge step backwards if it doesn't. I sincerely do believe this administration has time to turn this around.

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