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02 March 2010



What's that in the air?

Can anyone smell LAWSUIT? This is tom-foolery! So to avoid TAKING CARE OF SOME PEOPLE, they are going to stop TAKING CARE OF EVERYONE as it relates to this issue?

My God, where is the Catholic Charity in THAT?!

Da'Realist One

LOL, Cutting off the nose to spite the face I see.

No doubt they will use this as a political ploy to claim being the victim of their religious freedoms being so called, "at risk". What many people need to realize is that agencies like Catholic charities accept TAX PAYER FUNDS to run their organizations.
Yes, thats right! They received EVERYBODY'S MONEY (Straight and Gay alike) for the purpose of running a PUBLIC (meaning everyone) service. However, they want "special rights" (ever heard that term being applied to us) to make them exempt in having to treat GLBT equally but yet still want all that free public money rollin' in.

The city council let them choose for themselves: Either treat everyone equal and keep receiving money, or run your own rules and play your own game but the money will go somewhere else.

Guess the Anti-Gay people were right.
Letting Gays marry DOES effect the straight people too, LOL!!

Lori Borella

And my mother wonders why I'm no longer a practicing Catholic...I wonder how many gay priests are sick to their stomachs right now? Can you imagine committing your life to a church that considers people like you to be less worthy? It seems like the Vatican would rather protect pedophiles than gay family minded Catholics.


They want to save the money to defend child raping priests in court.

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