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22 March 2010



This is the way that democracy works MAN!



Former COGIC

Typical wannabe House Negro.
Artur Davis and Harold Ford consistently sold out blacks at every opportunity. Davis's district is black and poor and has little access to healthcare. He knows the bill will pass but takes a stand against it to currry favor with whites.

Will he get the nomination? Maybe. Will he win the general election? Hell NO! He still has a "D" next to his name and no matter how conservative he tried to be, he will be painted as a liberal, Obama lover and black. G


cowardly, craven and a hater
the man is a snake


This is very sad. He didn't vote against it for clear concise reasons that are pertinent to the bill. His district is sick and dying and he looks over and pass them in order to play politics with their health and lives. Sick, sick, sick.


He wants to be the first black governor of Alabama, and thinks he can win by being as far to the right as possible. Sad


Just shameful. I'd never vote for him, such a fake and a coward.


This is a sickening man. Literally, he is sickening, as in causing sickness in his constituents.

Davis needs to be targeted in the Democratic primary in his district. His constituents must realize that their Congressman has voted to keep them ill and to die prematurely.

I don't believe in Hell, but if there were such a place, it would surely be Mr. Davis's ultimate destination.

Dallas Cowboy

What Jim and COGIC said.
Davis and his ilk are a scourge.
They shortchange their constituents to be better accepted by white conservatives, who will never viote for a black governor in Alabama.

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