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04 March 2010


Cocoa Rican

This was clearly an attempt at mocking African Americans, but after closer inspection, we shouldn't be so quick to condemn. The truth is, both Ru Paul and OJ are examples of success stories in the African American community. Whether they have made mistakes, have had challenges or simply don't fit the mainstream picture of success, they are in fact successful at their craft. That said, the intention with which the educators were doing this with is the reason they deserve to be FIRED. Let's cut the crap...you want to be vocal and disrespectful, then I suggest you stand by your beliefs - on the unemployment line that is!

Nathan James

What, exactly, is the LA School System saying about gays and lesbians if RuPaul is considered "inappropriate"? That comment by the minivan-driving mother (which Rod quotes above), is indicative of the rampant homophobia still permeating the community of color.

I agree that OJ and Dennis Rodman are not, by their conduct, good role models. However, RuPaul has done much to uplift and encourage young gays and lesbians to be comfortable with themselves, society's ridicule be damned. I'm appalled that the LAUSD (and NAACP, especially after Julian Bond's speech at the National Equality March) would consider RuPaul an "inappropriate" figure for our schoolkids to know about. I would think RuPaul's example would teach our young people to love themselves. But no, hatred is, apparently, still a "family value".


I mean, this is very interesting. I'm waiting to hear the teachers speak on this one. What were they thinking? What was the intent? Should parents have been warned? I have so many questions that prevent me from totally offering any "judgment." One thing is for sure, the crabs in a barrel mentality is still alive and well....we HAVE to do better or future generations will continue to suffer.


so do we celebrate Ru or not?

i'm just a smidgen not sure.... his show ratings are up, but we don't champion him? or is it adult entertainment and not for the kids?


I can't go one way or another at this point! This is a TOUGH one!


RuPaul, yes, OJ is a NO!, and Dennis....he's had so many problems and still needs to clean himself up so I'd have to say no here as well.


For me it is the negative intention of the teachers and not the individual perception of each of the persons pictured, that makes this a wrong thing to do. The teachers were trying to show what THEY perceive to be negative images of Black America. It is for that reason that they should be fired.

It was racist intention on their part. How we feel about these individually is not what is in question. This is why is is not important to question/fight among ourselves about how we feel about the individuals pictured (for we all have our own personal reasons to be for and/or against each one), but to stand up for our right to say NO to racism, even if it is the rascist try to disguse it under the banner of education.

Byron Monte

come on guys, this is obviously meant as somekind of racist "joke". black history month and then holding up posters of OJ, Rodman and RuPaul as icons? please! sure, i love me some RuPaul..but sorry, she's not up there with king, tubman and obamama..also having her alongside a convicted asshole like OJ clearly says enough about the teacher's intentions. fire the losers i'd say.


with so many far more positive images... nothing against Rupaul ...it was clear that they were making fun at the black community


Diva1961, have to say I agree with all you wrote, they knew good and well what they were doing.

alex flores

Since when is Black history month exclusive to Black people who stand against racism? Black history month is a celebration of Black people who stand against all forms of hate and bigotry. Black history month is a celebration of Black people who stand against homophobic bigotry, male chauvenism, and racism. It is truly sad to see the NAACP, the Urban League, and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa demonstrating the same type of bigotry towards the LGBT community so commonly expressed by the Ku Klux Klan towards the LGBT community. The NAACP are just as bigoted as the KKK when it comes to Black homosexuals. The Urban League is just as bigoted as the KKK when it comes to Black homosexuals. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa are just as bigoted as the KKK when it comes to Black homosexuals.

The California Public School system prides itself on a no hate/no discrimination policy towards LGBT students and LGBT teachers. For the California Public School system to suspend three teachers for honoring the triumph of RuPaul over the evil homophobic bigots in our society is the true atrocity. I applaud RuPaul for standing against the evil homophobic bigots in the NAACP, Urban League, and the Los Angeles Mayor's Office.

The only people suffering from this fiasco are the LGBT students in our public school system who are prohibited from honoring Black LGBT heroes during Black history month.

It is time for America to revise Black History month as a celebration of all Black heroes who have bravely stood against the tide of hate and bigotry that has so oppressed Black People. Let us honor every Black homosexual and Black heterosexual who has stood against the homophobic bigotry, male chauvenism, and racism of this world.

Equality for all without exception.



@ alex flores

You totally miss the point. This is not about LBGT equality. It's funny how your "argument" totally left out OJ and Dennis Rodmen. Black History Month is also about showing the BEST in the community. Men and Women who's achievements made it better for OTHERS, the WHOLE Black community, the masses, not just making a name for themselves thru fame and money or bad behavior. That's the BIG difference here. These Teachers SHOULD be fired!!!

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