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26 March 2010


S. Flemming

Man 40 percent is a high number of people not using condoms. Sheesh. Scary.

Rodney B

It's even worse here in the ATL


Okay! I always find these "studies" astounding! The message of safer sex practices obviously isn't registering! It's almost like so much rhetoric anymore! I just can't figure why so many of us seem to have a DEATH WISH ?! Just straight hedonistic!!!

Gee Gee

We call Atlanta and D.C. the city of death. Because all the queens that get sick move there quick as they get their results! Its too scary....WOW!!

Taylor Siluwé

Safe sex messages aside, nothing will ever stop people from doing what feels good to them.

Like no amount of Surgeon General warnings and nagging friends will make smokers quit until they want to. Same for potheads. Same for people who are eating or drinking themselves into an early grave.

We all know the dangers. Some don't care. And sadly, that's life.


40% of men did not use a condom with their last sex partner and 33% did not know the HIV status of their last sexual partner!?!?! Seriously?!?! Some people just don't care about their lives....

Andy Niable

As someone who weathered the first wave and remains negative to this day, this is incredibly sad and maddening.


As a person who is 48, I pratice safe sex all these years. Yet, HIV is spreading now at an alarming rate via oral sex, which was said to have low risk. Not anymore!

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