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18 March 2010



What a load of BS!!


This country has never lived up to its stated ideals of equality and liberty. Frankly, I don't see why any person of color, woman, or lgbt person would want to serve in the U.S. military. A soldier's sacrifice only serves the interests of the current administration. Whether the war is "just" or not, whether or not it ACTUALLY defends the American people from foreign enemies, a soldier is compelled to fight, kill, and possibly be killed - and for little pay at that. And recruiters often exaggerate the benefits of military service to vulnerable young enlistees, who tend to be from communities with limited economic and educational opportunities.


Wow. What a bigoted tirade. I think that letting this kind of hate be spread actually does us a favor, because the only people who won't be alienated by this kind of overt homophobia are those who've already been brainwashed.

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