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22 March 2010



I love that small excerpt with janet. Just from that i can tell she actually was giving drama this time. Last time she looked too pretty even when she was mad/sad/upset. Her forehead didn't even move last time. This time she allowed herself to get really real and brokedown. I like that. After Precious Tyler must have told her to get real:-)


I love Janet Jackson as an artist. I love her presence on stage but as an actress, I REALLY THINK THERE'S SOMETHING DYNAMIC IN HER.

She was amazing in the first movie, but I think this is going to be beyond Beyond. I think this is going to be something Wow.


This "Nothing" track is really nice. I know radio doesn't really play her anymore & really doesn't play slow jams like this anymore, but this is the type of thing that should be a staple at adult contemporary formats. And I'm sure there's a dance remix in the offing that should be hot fire!


@Mike: Yeah, it's radio's loss that they have relegated her to the back burner but perhaps 2010 will be different.

It would also be great if this is the first TP movie that actually got good reviews for the acting.

Shame it won't be another number one since it comes out with "Clash of the Titans". I HOPE I have to eat my words.....


I love Janet and as a big fan I am proud of her for pushing forward with her career with all the hateration she got from the media/radio. I think she does a good job as a performer and it includes acting. I am sure the performance in this new movie will be awesome and I can't wait to treat myself to my baby gurl's big screen experience. I love you Janet and the song as I do all of your music!!



Of course "Class of the Titans" might rule number one by Monday but a lot of peeps want to see action to take their minds off what is really going on with the world. These two movies are not in the same category so I for one will not see Clash of the Titans this weekend and will support my own this weekend instead. I know this film will be embraced big if we just get out and support it by get groups to go. I remember back in the days we would go to the show with at least ten friends........I know I am showing my age!

Kevin Perez

I don't like Mr. Perry or crappy films but I do like Mrs. Jackson...

I'll still believe "All for You' was a good album. No disputing the others are "better" but it's the one that stands out to me the most.

Is the character Maeda "dead"?

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