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18 March 2010



how sweet-young love-lol!!- glad the show stepped up and has shown an on-screen kiss


I haven't been keeping up with this show but I'm glad they're pulling out all the stops for the final season! Get it Justin!




sad to see UB go, but they seem to be sending the show off in the right direction. good job to ABC for continuing to show gays in a positive light

Kevin Perez

To be honest, I was expecting backlash 'cuz the boy is White and Justin is not. And with all due respect but I've seen/heard mutiple times (ESPECIALLY LGBT) negative comments pertaining to interracial relationships.

Not refering to anybody here but you get the picture.


I really enjoyed the show last night. It was well written-cute and quirky.


@ Kevin I actually like the fact that ABC showed that love (or lust for THIS matter) has no color boundaries. I did not even look at it as a black/white/latino issue, I looked at the scene as two young teenagers coming to grip with sexuality.

Anywho, glad Justin finally got that first kiss with a boy. It was sooooo cute!!!!


One of the best scenes ever portraying love and coming of age.
I gotta say I cried as it was such a precious moment that was shared with us that didnt have the same opportunities or courage. It is these scenes and programing that will truly make change.

Kevin Perez

I understand that but you cannot deny that LGBT interracial couples are often the subject of scrutiney (did I spell that right) and especially by our "own people" as well and I constantly hear a lot of negative things about White/Non-White couples as well.

I'd just figured it be one those moments...


@ Kevin:

Actually the only person who is trying to make it one of those moments is YOU.

It's a very sweet, tender coming out story and given Justin's storyline its very understandable. Please stop trolling and trying to turn this into yet another race riot. Some of us really really get tired of it.

The storyline with the other boy has been building up for weeks. It's just silly and petty to keep trying to start these race arguments all the time. If Justin were out for several seasons and never dated a papi or a brotha, then we'd say something. But give it a rest, please.


@Kevin you are HILARIOUS, you are the ONLY one bringing up that issue.


My only issue with interracial thing is when you have a black/latino person who portrays themself to be this civil rights activist but only ever dates whites over and over again. This was just two young boys kissing.

I was confused about the storyline itself with both buys supposedly liking the girl but they actually liked each other. i just didnt get it.

It's about time they did something right. The way they treated Marc's relationships was criminal.

Kevin Perez

How often have we had people complaining about the lack of love between two gay men of the same ethnic background? I'd figure this would be similar scenario and Justin would be considered a "sell-out/disgrace" or some BS like that for not being paired with somebody is Black/Latino. My statement was that I was surprised to see there weren't any negative comments BECAUSE LGBT interracial couples are spoken of with great disdain and BOTH OUR COMMUNITIES can be very hostile and intolerant to said relationships. This includes LGBT Black and Latino men, who can be just as intolerant and hostile.

And let's face it, some here think the only "acceptable" interracial relationship is a Black man with a Latino man or vice versa. The way OUR so-called communities think when it comes to interracial relationships borderlines the way Straight folks of color think.

That is and THE only point I ever intended to make.


I knew you would have this posted. It was so cute and sweet. I could feel the tension between them and knew something would happen. Ugly Betty is going out with a bang!


Kevin just as you were told early on, let it go. The other issues that you are trying to speak of is totally different. I love the character of Justin and what happened wa sweet and poignant. Stop fishing because there is no race story here for you to stir up.Actually you made no point because it don't apply here.


Ugly Betty goes out with a bang - huh kiss! HOLD-UP!!!! Ugly goes out with a historic and loving moment. It really is GOOD FOR ALL OF US.

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