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29 April 2010



I am confused by the name of the organization: PARENTS AND FRIENDS OF EX-GAYS AND GAYS????

EX-GAYS and GAYS? What's that mean?

I think the Mayor got caught up in stupid DC politics and just signed stuff that came before his desk and someone in the Council or something probably put this on his desk.

YES, Still stupid!


"Fenty has a strong record on LGBT issues. And despite taking some heat in the black community—his poll numbers have dropped and he's being challenged for re-election—the mayor was one of the most vocal proponents of the District's recently-enacted marriage equality law. "

All the more reason to give the mayor the benefit of doubt. I am sure hundreds of those are issued every year, it's likely he does see them at all.


And any particular reason Metroweekly didnt announce it? Besides there usually DuPont circle snark of trying to racebait and accuse every black man of being homophobic?


Indeed Dalvin, we can't bury him or stain his name. He's done things for and in DC that I could have never fathomed in my lifetime in our community.


Del 5

What Rev Kev said.
Someone at PFOX went through the council. Probably that snake Marion Barry trying to embarass the mayor.


DEL5, I was thinking the SAME THING! Marion Barry should really be ASHAMED OF HIMSELF!

Richard Rosendall

It is not true that "the mayor was one of the most vocal proponents of the District's recently-enacted marriage equality law." He said he would sign it if the Council passed it, and that's about all. When he did sign it on Dec. 18, he made a fine statement, for which I gave him due credit. But he never championed the issue before that.

Rod Mc

Hi Richard.

I wasn't aware you read this blog.
Or maybe someone at MW took offense?

Fenty "never championed the bill" before until the ceremony? You're in DC and I wouldn't presume to know more on DC politics than you. Undoubtedly, it was the Council that did the heavy lifting.

But: R20 reported Fenty ordered a marriage review on June 08 and saying he would http://rodonline.typepad.com/rodonline/2008/09/report-dc-city.html" target="_blank">sign a marriage bill Sept 08. That was more than a year before the bill was introduced. And more than six months before marriage bill was introduced, he defended the out-of-state marriage recognition bill.

Unless you meant something else by your quote on Fenty's "strong support for LGBT families"?

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