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27 April 2010


Account Deleted

Where are the Christians that cry over an abortion but the not the murder of living, human being. Oh wait, there not in the womb! And she's a lesbian.

How many of you bet we'll hear "she brought this upon herself!" or contribute this to "life style choices"?


And they talk about black folks...
Why are white people so homophpobic?
The evangelicals, the Catholics, the mormons, Republicans...how much do you bet this man called himself a Christian?


He was just doing God’s work...

Account Deleted

Don't forget "He's a good person!" too.

the kid who is smarter than you

he but hole shut up lezbanic/gay behaveror is not a choice the amount of chemicels that a produced on a baby as it grow is not the babys choice she was a good person to not be afraid that man is going to hell and hes not a good person you selfish uneducated dip heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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