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05 April 2010



Kinda hard to defend Jaime after lookin at that picture. LOL

Rodney B

Ditto to what VJ said.

The photo speaks volumes...LOL


Omg, Rod...that picture.

The flailing hand and the way he's holding the microphone. I can't even deal with it. *walks out*


First of all I have to say, I'm not one of those GBMs that thinks everyone is gay. Do I think JF is gay..yes. I also think because he is a black celebrity it is EASIER for him to stay closeted. The homophobia and gay stigma in the black community makes it much easier to find other closeted black men that are willing to be in your "posse" but keep thier mouths shut. I think because white society has not stigmatized gayness to the extent blacks have, it would be much more difficult for a popular white actor to be closeted. So unless Tom Cruise, for instance, likes closeted black men, you probably would have heard from one of his conquests by now...he ain't gay!! But Jaime has the luxury of being black and can surround himself with very closeted black men like himself. He has no need to pick up some common trick in a gay bar. My partner totally disagrees, but I truly believe black homophobia works in favor for black men like Foxx...and others.


whatever makes Jamie happy and lets him sleep at night. As long as he doesnt disparage GLBT people then he can be straight or closeted gay or bisexual or whatever he truly is

it would be excellent to see more out gay black celebrities but there still seems to be too much fear and worry over it. maybe they can consult Wanda Sykes about her experience.


Very interesting take VJ. I've often thought that there is a 'velvet closet' for black gays and lesbians -- so long as we're 'quiet' our people will accept us. Talk behind our backs, maybe, but not ostracize or out us. But if we speak up and say who we are, then there can be Hell to pay.

Taylor Siluwé

I don't know if Foxx is gay and I don't really care. However, I don't think the alleged 'additional' homophobia from the black community is an excuse for him or anyone else to remain in the closet.

It's weak. And from someone who's not exactly hurting for dollars, its very weak.

Living a lie is soul-sucking, so truth be told, I hope he's not gay. And because I hate Howard Stern (and that Quivering side-kick of his), I hope Jamie relentlessly eats both of those cretins alive on air.

Honut Sinti

Jamie to Agent: Hey, Lou. We need an angle to generate buzz.

Lou (cigar at side of mouth). Yeah, yeah. How about we play up the Gay angle a little more? You know, throw a spot on your mannerisms, posture, chest, butt and stuff? That always gets them talking.

Jamie: Yeah. But I don't want them to talk too much the wrong way. Dig?

Lou: Dig. I'll call Howard and start a rough draft script of a beef twix the two of 'ya. Meet you back here at 6!

Jamie: Cool!

Lou: Hiya Howard baby! What's shaking? Listen...


Whatever anyone thinks, I surely wouldn't be having this conversation about my sexuality because of HOWARD STERN!

Man, please! Yes, it's a delicious picture of Jamie but no matter how MASCULINE most brothers believe they are, SOMEONE could capture a photo of you that screams HOW YOU DOING (gay or straight)!?

So, I don't think Jamie would deny it AND I don't care to have the conversation because Howard Stern, whose black female "sidekick" sat by while he degraded a black woman, wants to bolster his own numbers. If it weren't for this war and TRYING TO TOSS HIS OWN HAT INTO THE ARENA AS AN "AI" HOST, no one would know that Stern is still around.

So with that, Bye!


Jamie gay? I think so.

Why did he punk out after Howard's reply???

Because it's the truth!

end of story


OH SNAP!!!!... a hot dude out of the closet....Yeah,yeah...

D*mn I misread...I thought we were talkin about someone relevant :>(


He is hot! I can imagine that towing the company line would be dismal, especially in Hollywood. Somebody's gonna be the hot gay, star, we just don't know who it is yet. Jamie's fine, but a bit too old to do a feature and 2 or 3 sequels. Shoulda started 10 years ago.


I don't think VJ is saying the [allegedly] increased homophobia in the Black community is the reason JF is staying in the closet**. Rather that it removes any reason to come out publicly.

The primary reason to come out is for comfort with one's self. I'd say second to that is to affect greater freedom to make associations whether for sexual encounters or domestic partnering.

Jamie's rich and, more importantly, influential. Add to that his not-too-shabby looks and any number of people will be willing to do whatever it takes to stay in his circle: no problem getting whatever type of relationship he wants and probably quite comfortable with himself (I sure would be with his level of success).

**And count me among those who think he's at least bi favoring men (which technically is "absolutely not gay"). Any gay Ques out LA way probably know one or two of his posse.

The Real 7

Know someone that went to Terrell High School with Jamie.. um, Eric Bishop, and he told me in 1994 that dude was bi. Like he said, I'm not gay!


@iByron: That's exactly what I'm saying. Jaime does't have to come out. And you guys are forgetting one aspect of our black community...BLACK GAY DENIAL. If hetero blacks don't want to believe someone is gay, they're not, no matter what the evidence is. I've seen the most flamboyant of queens claim they were totally straight and thier family and church members totally buy it. I know a guy that was caught in bed with a man and his family still denies he's gay! I can name a couple of black celebs that are getting that denial pass right now. Stern can say whatever he wants and Jaime has the luxury of having black fans that don't want him to be gay, so he's not and never will be, not even if he's caught playing b-ball with a bunch of guys in the nude. And FWIW, Jaime has a hot body, but I always found his face a little busted.

Mr. Bonecrusher

What about those nude pics of Foxx playing basketball with his buddies from a couple years ago? Gay. Say no more.


I heard about him playing nude basketball but I wasn't aware that there were pictures. Where can I find them??? lol


There aren't any pictures. It was an article. Someone spreading incorrect information.

The Truth

@ff, you are so right. Whatever makes him sleep at night.

Whether the man is straight, gay, bi, it is truly his business. While i wish some A-list black celebrity would come out an live their own truth, it is completely up to the individual.

Perhaps one day there will be that renegage who says "f*ck society"...but until then let these people be who they say they are.


Shake out your wrist "girlll" when being fotographed...get over your SELF and cum on out of that culturally biased ethnic closet..many of us have been there...outed by others...I am white...a very successful, well respected professional...but when my 'fish' ex found out...did all she could do to destroy me publicly....what she unleashed was her own Lesbian tendicies....what goes around comes around....cum on Jamie....get realllll! We still love you MAN!


I personally have always thought Jamie Foxx was closeted, but I could care about that. I think people have to come out in their own time and place, and we all know the pressures family, religion and society can put on people.

My problem with Jamie Foxx is that he always makes snide homophobic jokes. He may not be outright calling anybody a Faggot, but he constantly makes fun of gay men. Even in his own jokes where he himself made fun of Gabby, he imitated Lee Daniels in a very effeminate voice and has made other snarky comments about Tyler Perry and others.

I don't support homophobic jokes no matter how "mild" so I don't like it. But if he is closeted, it makes it all the more disgusting. If you want or need to be in the closet, fine, but don't disparage other people to cover your own tracks.

(And, if he really wants to stayed closeted he should keep better tabs on some of his singing "friends.")


John.... you're white it different for black community.

You probably just want to fulfill you're mandingo fantasy again.


The fact that he is not dissing the lgbt community allows me to give him his privacy and space. I don't care what team he plays for as long as he doesn't diss us. I don't believe in outing people and people don't have to come out for my well being. The idea that I demand he or anyone else come out the closet (if they are lgbt) because I said so is despicable.

His sexuality doesn't affect my money, bills, or boyfriend, so why would I demand he come out? I think it has been shown that mainly women thus far, can do that without extreme damage to their livelyhood. Look at Tonex, carl Lewis, and the guy that does Tyler's plays, and I'm sure many others. The Tyler guy had to backstep quick as he saw his career going down the drain. The black community is barely tolerating Wanda. Do you realistically think they will tolerate Jamie? His career would be over so fast your head would spin.

Then all the gays and others would then say he's irrelevant, and walk past him while he's down and out of a career, money and most anything else.

We keep looking for a hero to do something like this. My dears WE are the heros. We are the ones who have to show our communities how human we are, and how average, and boring. In other words, just like them:-) That's what will help us get laws passed. That's how we get our neighbors to support us and become our allies.

To Jamie I would just say "keep supporting us for whatever reason."


hmmm...when is it that jamie fox has been supporting gay people?

in vide magazine several years ago, he equated being with a man the same as being with a dog...that's some helluva support...

the thing with closeted black men is like the phenomena in the years after slavery when blacks who could pass for white...passed for white...

if they could get away with it, i'm sure some so-called black folks would pass for white...and as long as they can get away with it...some closed black men will denigrate other gay black men...

all i can say is...jamie fox among others will not be getting my support at the box office or with his crappy music...


Ive read all that I could and jus to let you know im watchin the JF show @ this very moment; Im a blck female & I know there's more that would say,"JF is fine as hell, & wheather he's gay or not I'll still tickle that fannie" LoL...

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