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16 April 2010



This is a heart-rending interview, Anderson Cooper did a decent job, and thank you, Rod, for posting it.

I do believe that the conservative Christian movement is made up of people who actually take pleasure in the suffering of others, although some of them are not able to admit that to themselves. So the suffering of this woman does not serve to convince conservative Christians of anything or to evoke sympathy in them; it just serves to put a secret smile in their hearts.

We are fighting people who would kill us just for their own pleasure. If we don’t fight, they will get their pleasure.


This is a touching interview. I have been with my partner for 10 years and I could not imaging being in a position where something could happen to one of us and we would not be able to see each other in the hospital. I am glad that this has changed.

My partner and I have just started including each other on our insurance policies and taking care of things to make sure that we are taken care of if something happens to one of us.

We both come from families that don't "approve of our lifestyles" but him mom is really to me and my mom is nice to him. Because of the way that they feel about us being gay I am afraid that something will happen to one of us and the other will be shut out by our parents.


Butchie, I believe your fear is justified. I have heard all too many horror stories, and just because someone is nice now, that doesn't mean they'll be nice when they don't think they have to be.


love the conversation on this topic.
bless your heart butchie, best of luck in your relationship. i hope and pray that day never comes and that both of your families give you and your partner the peace blessings you desrve. and jim, your comments and advice are always spot-on, i can tell that you have a kind heart.

this is an important step and i'm glad that president obama did this. i've seen fanmilies that shut out a lover when their son (his BF) is sick or injured. **shudder** hopefully that wont happen to me.

and rod thanks for the staying on this story. judging by comments,m its not nearly as popular as that undercover boy from 'real world' with the iphone, that is why i love this blog, i get it all.

thank you president obama!
bless you janice!

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