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08 April 2010



wow, right there on the KKK's front page too.what do you make of that?



Taylor Siluwé

Distancing itself from those inbred Westboro freaks just says the modern, friendlier, revisionist-history-writing Klan is not totally insane. But don't think their all gay-friendly. No, they still hate us, and everyone else who isn't White, hetero and Christian.

What really wow-ed me was reading their website and how they paint themselves as heros....

"1865 was a violent time and the now defeated south would feel the wrath of the industrial north in ways yet unimagined by the people of the south. Born in a desperate hour this humble fraternity, became the central driving force during Americas 'Reconstruction'".

Awwhh ... they sound down-right cuddly. No mention of the number of freed blacks who were terrorized and lynched.

Sadly, these confederate flag waving, racist, homo-hating Christians are on the rise. Just roll through a Palin/Bachmann rally.


Who out there is really impressed with the KKK disavowing themselves with the Westboro Church? They only did it because the Westboro Church goes around the country protesting fallen US soldiers during their funerals. And who is going to condone this type of treatment toward fallen US patriots? The KKK will kill a gay man if they got the opportunity to do so. Believe that.


By the way, I feel icky just clicking on to the KKK's homepage. I just prefer seeing things for myself. Now I have to purge my computer of any footprints left by their despicable homepage. If it weren't too much trouble, I would reformat my hard drive and re-install everything.


Good for them I guess but they are still a hate organization.

But this got me to thinking...what insurance company insures Westboro Church? What other corporations do business with them? I wouldnt mind asking those companies how they feel about taking money from a place like that....

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