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28 April 2010



If gay people are allowed to adopt, that means fewer children for the Catholic orphanages.

You know, those adorable little children.


Of course, Sandra Bullock was allowed to adopt a little Black baby born in New Orleans even though she just filed for divorce from her messy husband. I guess they deem her situation to be a better environment than a gay or lesbian couple can provide. SMDH!!!

Account Deleted

Religious people just like to project their sexual desires on LGBT folks, that's all. All the social ills and deviancy they complain about are praticed by the Christian right.


Actually Sandra Bullock and Jesse James adopted their child months ago before the scandal and divorce. However, I agree that if Jesse James could qualify to adopt as a co-parent with all the things he got going on, then surely gay couples with a stable home should be allowed to adopt if they want to.

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