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01 April 2010



so happy for him well done


NHOJJ! You deserve all the accolades that are now coming your way! BRAVO!

Kevin Perez

It's GREAT to see a open, proud, non-self loathing man of African descent embracive of his ethnic roots and still be confident about himself and his sexuality. Nhojji can be a major inspiration to LGBT youth of color who want to get more deep with their African ancestry IMHO and not need to look to Rastafari and Islam, which is unwelcoming to gays, especially those of color.

People in the West Indies and Africa should take notes and realize you can be proud of your cultural heritage and gay at the same time while giving the finger to the nay-sayers ;)



This is the kind of stuff that I REALLY LOVE YOU FOR, ROD! These kind of exclusive features are definitely something you should do more of because you do them well AND our community gets to meet artists in ways that just have gone away!

KUDOS AND ACCOLADES! And BRAVO to NHOJJ for living his best/blessed life and watching doors open for him BEING HIM!

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