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06 April 2010


Dallas Cowboy

wow, didn't even know this man was black. thanks a million for pointing it out, but of course you would. always like to hear when blacks are helping fight for gay rights ... and when we fight against it

Kevin Perez

Wow, most likely somebody involved in the politics (Republican party) did the murder. We all know how this country works so this poor fellow possibly may have been targeted as a scapegoat or a whipping boy. Only in America.

LMAO at these bigoted, hypocritical pastors worrying about their precious "freedom of speech" being hindered by the bill. All the jiber-jaber they do about a SELECT group with their SELECTIVE views to make their bigoted audience feel morally superior and better about themselves. They present themselves as spokeperson's for their brainless sheep but when someone from the flock does something based on their words, these Christan cowards show their trule colors and don't want any responsiblity. My, how White and "moral".

Maybe because it reflects how loud mouth, hypocritical, and bigoted Christians really are. And no, it's not just some but a damn majority of them.

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