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07 April 2010



Oh Sheila, no one ever told you - "be careful what you wish for Dear..."


GOOD FOR HER and the Virginians that voted a Republican into office.

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR, by the time him and his AG are done, they would have put back slavery and arrested all the gays in Virginia.


Of course Sheila Johnson condemns his actions now. She got her real estate development project green-lighted after demonstrating to her Republican backers that she was a good ol' gal. Monetary gain and political pull were her rewards for backing a devil. I hope she chokes on it.


She got paid and she got played.


She got paid, but she played herself willingly.


Sheila Johnson should, for once, shut her GD pie-hole!


Wait a minute. The creatore od the Chitlin' Eatin' Nigga Network wants to cry racism because one of her good white Judy's made a proclamation about the Confederacy?

Fck that b-tch. BET needs to be condemned by her and SHeila AND her sorry ass ex should apologize to the 40 million black people living in the US about their sh-tty network.
Shane, great comments but no profanity pls thanks. -RM


It blew up in ya face, boo boo! Play with the wolves, and get bit!

She failed to realize that they saw her as a rich n***** b**** who would turn on her own and still be a n***** b**** in their eyes all the same when it is said and done.


When you lie with dogs, you come up with fleas.


Back in the days of the old Virginia confederacy, many black female slaves believed what their mass'as told them - I will make you my wife. There was only one who made good on his promise - Thomas Jefferson - Sally Hemming. And she is now today recognized as is her family at Monicello. However, I doubt that Sheila will ever be recognized by Gov. McDonnell....

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