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18 April 2010




Distant Lover

This does not shock me in the least! What will shock me is if we continue to put up with it. Marriage Equality is a done deal in Canada, but here in the USA, "the greatest Country in the world" this kind of behavior is tolerated, encouraged and enforced by the powers that be. I'm sick of begging for the right to live my life as I wish and I hate seeing the rights of others trampled upon and nothing is done about it. When is enough enough?!!!!


How can you read this story and not get angry. That could b any of us 30 or 40 years from now. I am so flippin madd right now...

Account Deleted

We still have nay-sayers that keep telling us that marriage shouldn't be a priority and that we should focus on other ways to secure LGBT rights. I wonder what those !$#%@ have to say in regards to case like this were marriage IS important.

Is this still a "White" gay issue, hmmm....???? With stories like these, it's horrible to think this could happen to ANYONE in the LGBT community.


That is simply unacceptable on ALL levels. Even "friends" should be allowed to visit if a person asked for them. This is ridiculous and I hope justice is truly served. This is just disgusting.

Tim Lee

How despicable and gut wrenching.


This happens more than is even reported. A damn shame

Drama Dupree

WOW... is all i can say...


This story gave me an instant headache. The couple tried to cover their bases legally and were still denied their rights.
I am happy that the National G&L group is fighting for them. It's a lesson to us all to get our stuff in order and have safeguards in place from Mister Charlie.


Beyond words right now. That is sick and disgusting to me. Denying these men their partner then STEALING their property and selling it. All I want to know is what can I do to help these brothers out???

Jared M

Everyone this is the facebook group to join. They have information on contacting the media. We have to come together for this one http://www.facebook.com/pages/Justice-for-Clay-Greene-and-Harold-of-Sonoma-County-CA/110223525681999?ref=mf&v=info


Thanks Rod for this story. We need to be reminded of how important it is to keep our eyes open to the fact that you can all the needed documentation, and still get messed over. But the fact that they had this is hopefully what will come back and bite this county in the butt. The fact that all their legal documantatition was disregarded is what can grounds for this lawsuit. We have to do all this. Also hopefully this gets to the president. He just did the directive for hospitals, but this should make him go one step further, and hopefully make this law.

Thanks Jared for the facebook site. I immediately wrote the Sonoma County Board to give them a piece of my mind ( in a professional manner of course) and pushed them to make this right. That's what we need to do. Not just sit back and get mad. Make your voice heard. Write the people on the lists to get this story out. This scared the hell out of me. I felt helpless, then I remembered that that feeling was up to me. Now I feel empowered.


I also just wrote the White House. I emailed them this story and reminded them why we need laws and not just directives.

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