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07 April 2010


Nathan James

The Commonwealth of Virginia will now be added to my "DO NOT GO THERE" list, forthwith. Virginia will join Mississippi, Oklahoma, Jamaica W.I., and Saudi Arabia, among others.

Governor McDonnell's actions are revolting.


This is what happens when Democratic-leaning voters sit on their butts and don't go to the polls. I am so tired of the line about not being inspired or motivated to vote. I have never missed an election in the 26 years that I have been eligible to vote since turning 18. When you allow people like McDonnell get into power, can anyone be surprised that he would do the things he has done so far? He has assaulted the LGBT community and the black community. Whose next?


I recently finished college here in Virginia and looking at the direction these closed minded hicks are moving this state into....ive got to get the hell outta here!


Unfortunately Quest, you may never escape the closed minded hicks wherever you go. I live in California and the voters here made gay marriage unconstitutional. So much for the liberal minded hippies out in California.


I hope Ms. Johnson and other conservative blacks who usually agree/vote with "these types" are chocking on this. Saying that you believe in smaller government as a republican is one thing, but to see that "these types" believe in the govenment of the Civil War, is another.


Although it was rare, there were black people in the South who owned slaves, as Edward P. Jones's novel, The Known World, points out.

Sheila Johnson knows very well that after Governor McDonnell signs the law that brings slavery back to Virginia, she will be a slave owner, so it will be perfectly all right with her.

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