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01 April 2010


Corey Corey

I did my very 1st submitted story w/ http://EdgeNewYork.com about this Black bisexual wrestler. I was so excited & thrilled that he came put w/ his bisexuality, and hope he continues setting an example for black bisexuals out there who need a voice.


Nice :)


that body is lovely!

Taylor Siluwé





I think this is GREAT! However, that entrance was too much for me! lol


Lawd it's Sylvester!

his lip sync was off... LOL!


He was going to do this back when he was with WWE but got released before they had a chance to put it all together. He didn't generate any interest when he was in WWE, hopefully this will do it for him. That entrance was pretty stupid though lol, coming down from the sky into the ring just to walk away from it? kinda dumb.


lawd, chil'd: he can sho' come out alright...

he can come out straight to my house and head right upstairs to my bed so we can get up under the covers and snuggle t'gether! lawd, i love a big, muscu'la, uganda-black--blue black--brotha with a sweet side! the girl can go! get her out now! it's just me and you, orlando!

gawd knows we'd have a MAIN EVENT...wrestle mania 2010:

** veg versus orlando ***

and orlando ALWAYS wins!

here's how it's gonna go:

(1) him pinning me face down on the "mat"

(2) him diving straight on me "from the ropes"

(3) him beating and beating me and then himself...

oh, chil', we'd wrassle and wrassle...until...


i lost focus....

...all i wanted to say is: great job orlando!

but i guess i got carried away...

sowee y'all...


I hadn't watched this week's yet.. but time to check out my DVR.
And TNA usually replays Thursday night @ 8 or 9pm.


Love me some Orlando! That was brave of TNA to run with this story line.


i think few people remember that vince mcmahon settled a sexual harrassment suit filed by one of his male wrestlers twenty years ago...

then again, i don't blame vince. how can you be a candymaker and not one to taste the sweets from time to time...

for the wrestler, it proved to be bitter-sweet...he got like a half a million dollar settlement...***chump change to vince mcmahon***...and the wrestler has since retired...

sometimes it is just better to keep one's mouth shut and go with the flow...sooner or later everyone has to put out for someone...


orlando has always been hot and I have so admired him for coming out as bisexual does he have a facebook or myspace page?


Not original! Vince McMahon is a bloodsucker! And could he be hotter looker if he's going to be bi-sexual and in the spotlight?


It's well-known in sports circles that Orlando is exclusively into little young white skinny twinks. Not into the brothers at all. Even his myspace page has pics of him with his little pink boyfriends.

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