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18 April 2010


Account Deleted

Kind of me makes me wish that our own Constance McMilliens would rise up and cause a similar uproar in the churches.


Baltimore Femme

Love this young woman. You go Constance!


What I hope happens with this young girl is that she goes to the GLADD awards and sees that there is a fabulous life for a young gay woman than that one-horse town she comes from has to offer. All those people sneeking behind her back to have another prom, this is as far as they'll go. This is there peak. Meanwhile Miss Connie will be hobknobbing with high powered gay elite and Hollywood players then she'll know her fight was worth it! But like Kevin said, we need a gay person of color to stand up now.

Former COGIC

Dluv nailed it.
That pathetic fake prom will be the highlight of their lives. They'll still be in that one stoplight town and she will have moved on. Those bigots will; be working at Walmart and see Constance on the TVs on display.

And I agree, it would be wonderful if we had our own Constance but thats our fault. We can't fault black gay youth for not coming out if their older gay uncles, cousins, brothers and teachers won't come out. Just judging by the comments on this blog and other blogs, seems like many brothas in our community are still hiding in their glass closets and they prefer it that way. Come out against a school district or a lawsuit? Sheeeeet, too many of us are 30, 40 and 50 and still WILLINGLY go to gay bashing churches. The youth won't act until we do.


@ kevin perez
why don't YOU rise up and cause similar uproar in the churches?

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