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18 April 2010


Former COGIC

I don't attend this church, but I love their message. I wish I grew up with a church like this. If I had, maybe I would have stayed in the church.

Account Deleted

If the church I went to almost 3 years ago was like this, I might have stayed but sadly, they pretty much ruined the so-called church experince for me.

Jim Olson

Former COGIC and Kevin Perez...I'm sorry your church experience has been so poor...but I can tell you that our churches are full of people like you who took one more chance and came back. All the stuff you liked about church; the food, community and faith, and none of the stuff you disliked. All churches have faults...they're made up of human beings who sometimes don't treat each other well, but my congregation is full of well meaning, nice people who would welcome you and ask you to come and contribute what you can. I hope you give a UCC church a chance.

The Rev. Jim Olson,
Meriden, CT


I was raised baptist but went to an excellent service at a UCC church when I was 15 (I'm now 24) one day with my best friend. That night I sat my parents down and told them about the message and how I felt included. Next thing I knew, my whole family was changing their denomination.

Tim Lee

love the ad and the message. Being an atheist, I have a somewhat unique perspective though. I despise prejudice but I dream of a society free of the bonds of religion and all its traps, baggage and abuses.


I am always moved by UCC's brilliant ads.

We in Unity Fellowship Church Movement are working towards this same end--INCLUSION! I don't have to say FOR ALL because the very NATURE of the word INCLUSION is just that--ALL!

I am working and praying for the day that WHOSOEVER WILL is the mode of every church, but I know that will never happen because many churches don't worship with that loving intention, unfortunately.

But if you are looking, searching, praying, hoping for Sanctuary and a place where you can be refreshed, renewed, restored, reinvigorated and reinfused for the week and the work ahead, check out a Unity Fellowship Church service near you and if you really want to watch God move in love and spirit, I recommend my own Sanctuary @ www.UFCCNB.org (but that is where I am indeed prejudiced).

Thank you Rod for always shining just a beautiful balance light on religion and spirituality in our LGBTIQ communities of color because so many simply go on diatribes about the church, but many churches ARE REALLY ABOUT DOING GOD'S BUSINESS!

Elder Rev. Kevin E. Taylor
Unity Fellowship Church
New Brunswick, NJ


Great Ad! I have grown to be a "spiritual" person. i turned away from organized religion during my youth. i haven't been to "church" except for weddings and funerals. but the UCC message/ad is very inclusive. its the kind of church i would consider. I hope the true version of God's message that they share catches on!

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