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08 April 2010


Greg G

Bravo! What a first step!


Now that was incredibly brave. The sons and daughters of Jamaica living around the world should be very proud.


Just keep Loving Children just keep loving.

W. McCrae

I like reading stories where people live and let live!


That was a wonderful video to watch.

I wonder if Kingston could host such an event...


This is indeed a struggle! Keep up the good fight Jamaica - your day will come!!!

Ashley V.

I'm astounded; I can't even find the words. There was no disruption? There was police assistance? Wow! This is a great step. Since I am a gay man of Jamaican descent, this news fills me with such joy. What wonderful news!

Taylor Siluwé

According to Gay Jamaica Watch, this was a bit of a surprise, which, I believe, might account for the lack of opposition:

"...Whether the organizations in question will be able to host another such walk is unclear as this one came in quietly through the back door and surprised even members of the GLBTQ community who were not told of the walk until they saw it on television or on the internet."

This is still great news and a huge step forward. However as the reality of what took place settles in with the islands 'phobes, expect push back.


Im happy that there was a march, but it was promoted as a Tolerance March for HIV persons. Only later into the march was it found out that members of the Gay community would march also.
I am sure if word had come out earlier, there would be lots of injured people.
I gay, and living in montego bay jamaica....and love this blog from 2005

Alexis Jarvis

I like the attention the walk is getting but I’m having a problem with how it is being portrayed. The international media has this walk as gay pride, and so does the local media. Mind you it was a participant who used those words and it may have well felt like gay pride to him, we can’t dictate how one feels of an event.

I was a participant, I was happy to have been there happy to have been part of history, but I feel it has been twisted by local media to highlight the LGBT group that was there; and if it were that that was at the heart of it all, I would feel cheated and used. This is not to say that I would not have participated.

alicia banks


great news

boycott working?


Honut Sinti

Amazing and wonderful!

Kinja Carib

Rod, Why was the video removed..I live in Kingston and would love to see it

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