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07 April 2010



Tiger Woods is a fraud and a piece of garbage. But the TV networks & Nike will move heaven and earth to resurrect his image. I ain't buying what he's selling.

Ms Bonita

OMG I'm so over this dude...In regards to the commercial...a very cleverly calculated attempt at portraying this over sexed lil so and so as a vulnarable, remorseful child who has displeased his dad ...chile boo....Nike is protecting their investment trying to restore his image...and they want the public to be sympathetic....I'm not buying what he sellin... and Nike while I get your angle....there's something grimy about it...FAIL!!


As soon as this commercial is over, I feel an uncontrollable urge to go out and purchase some Nike golf shoes. You, too?


Ya'll stop hating! We all have cheated...lied...and covered up some sh-t. Leave that man alone. You people are trying to nail him to the cross and it has nothing to do with what he did...you are all pissed that he is not claiming his race,so what? Let him work through his mess. I am sure he is regretting getting caught. Your friends and family didn't nail you to wood when they found out you were a piece of work. FORGIVE AND MOVE ON...get a life peeps. Get a life.


"Ya'll stop hating! We all have cheated...lied...and covered up some shit."


Yet another black gay man who runs out to defend a straight black man who wants nothing to do with him. In this case, a biracial straight Republican.

I'm not trying to "nail" Tiger Woods to the cross, hon. And you don't what "we" have done so leave us out of your bs.

As a gay man i can NOT get married to my boyfriend. At least not yet in my state. But in the 3 or 4 years we have been together, I haven't "cheated" and had unsafe raw sex with dozens of partners. I didn't seduce a neighbors son or have sex with hookers and strippers the same week I got married.

Stop blaming us for Tiger's shyt.
He put himself out there and he deserves whatever PR he is getting. And trust me... Tiger Woods is NOT defending the rights of gay (black) men to get married yet have unsafe sex with dozens of men. is any STRAIGHT man doing that? smh


I think Tiger is gross and Whore! Having that said, he didn't do anything to me. I am NOT a Golf fan and could care less. I do know that if he does win this next tournament.... ITS ALL OVER! LOL!

As for the commercial, its in bad taste to use your own Father in such a way. Almost disgusting....


When is this hate against this man is going to cease....We are not GOD and fail every now and then....ALL OF US. The media is becoming a brainwashing tool of the susceptible.


@ Darksun: One day you're defending Tyler Perry, the next day you're defending Tiger Woods and calling us "haters" and say we're the problem? GTFO

Oh and can you please send me links to blog posts or articles where STRAIGHT (black) men DEFEND the right of (black) gay men to have rampant promiscuous sex WITHOUT CONDOMS ... then return home to infect their wives and husbands and still be celebrated as heroes?

How about just posting a link to where Tiger Woods speaks out on gay rights or gay black men?

So since Tiger Woods specifically and straight (black) men generally don't rah rah for gay (black) men to be able to get married and have wild promiscuous unsafe sex ... why are we supposed to do this for them? and why are called haters if we don'?

And if you've cheated on your husband or boyfriend with dozens of partners without a condom, I'd say you have a problem too.


@ RXNTX: You sound like those people at black gossip blogs. Perhaps you should go back there, we're a little more sophisticatyed. But we do not have to like Tiger Woods. If you want to rah rah for a straight biracial Republican who isn't lifting a finger to help our community, g'head. Says a lot about you tho, boo.

And yet another chapter of Black Gay Men Who Say Very Little on Gay Rights and Homophobia But Rush to Defend Black Straight Men Who Wouldnb't Give Them the Time of Day ...


BRILLIANT!!!!!!! F*CKIN' BRILLIANT!!! And WHO says a boy shouldn't listen to his father in adulthood??????

Greg G

@ Smith: Yes, using his dead father's voice completely out of context in order to help salvage his rep and sell more Nike shoes is "brilliant". Not lol.

You probably haven't heard that Tiger's father also cheated on his wife, too. Both of them. Like father like son I guess whatevs ...


@Dalton....I view the big picture and do not condemn one due to the race,religious beliefs or sexual orientation.I am a republican who voted for Obama not because he is African-American but because I believe in his agenda. Tiger has his faults as do we all except you I guess and BTW I am considered a well mannered and PC wherever I travel in this world. I respect your opinion sir.


You know...let me let you kids have it. First of all, I am not running to the defense of Tiger Woods. I said that we need to leave him alone and stop messing with him so bad. We all have fu*ked up in some way and you are NOT going to tell me Faison that YOU HAVE USED COMDOMS everytime you bent over or opened your mouth. That you have not cheated on your partner or NEVER went to a strip club and thought about "doing" one of the dancers there, well...he did. I am with Smith...I thought it was BRILLIANT! And as far as getting married I see you don't do research much do you? Take your a** and the depressed guy that you are with and GO GET MARRIED...it is a binding contract so states have to honor it. Marriage is a legal contract.
Now as far as the legal rights are concerned, what the hell have YOU done Faison to improve the lives of gay men and women...let me even break it down some more...what about the young ones behind us? It appears that you are teaching them hate and to judge people. If you want more rights go and get them...TAKE them...MAKE them give them to you. Don't wait on a man who plays golf and WOMEN to help you get them. Can you say self-respect?

Greg G

Defensive and hateful much Darksun?


"me Faison that YOU HAVE USED COMDOMS everytime you bent over or opened your mouth. That you have not cheated on your partner or NEVER went to a strip club and thought about "doing" one of the dancers there"

Wow. Did she really go there?
Speak for yourself girlfriend. The issue isn't having one affair but being married and having dozens of encounters. And having unprotected sex while doing so.
I havent done that. Obviously you have or see nothing wrong with that.

Faison was right, your hyper defense of Tiger Woods is PATHETIC because he would never do the same for you. Or anyone in our community. And to defend this straight biracial billionaire who doesnt want to claim being black, you skipped past stories on Jamaican and Zimbabwe gays who are much deserving of support or even a comment.

Sad and tragic.

Rod Mc

@ Darksun: "What has Faison said or done about gay rights?" LOLz. Faison has commented here for years. You just popped up this week in a few posts on celebrities. And to get extra and make remarks about his BF? smh

Anytime there's a story on celebrities or the closet, brothas will come out the woodwork to defend them and throw daggers. Stories about an 11yo boy who commits suicide after being bullied, gaybashings or anything to do with LGBT rights? Not so much. -RM


Rod...have always commented on your boards and when I gave it some thought, I must admit you are right. I should haven't leveled him out like that. I will defend anyone who is getting "beat down" for being human. I have never said that cheating is right...I have never said that unprotected sex is fine. What I did say is that we need to lay off the punishment we are giving the man and allow time to handle all mess ups. He got caught. That's all.
I mentor young gay men all of the time (from 14 to 21) about being themselves and to RESPECT themselves and the ones they are with. Now Rod, you bring us news that we would have never known about and people who read and rarely post don't mean that we don't do anything. I make sure they read your blog...especially on LGBT rights, gaybashings, and the horrid suicides.

alicia banks

truly repulsive!!!



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