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16 April 2010



It will be interesting to see how Whitney's "stans" will defend this.

The Truth

This really saddens me. I think touring was a ad idea for her. Much love to Ms. Houston though...I'm pullng for her.



that performance was absolutely ATROCIOUS on so many levels...

what the hell is going on with her? is she back to freebasing crack or something? cause her voice sounds like she's been laying it DOWN on the cigarette/other drugs tip...

*shakes head*

Rodney B

It was quite evident she hadn't kicked the habit from here behavior on the Oprah interview and the BET awards when she was serenaded by Kim Burrell.

Crack is wack alright!

James M

I told ya'll she was done when I heard that CD. I was shocked! She sounded like a man and she didn't blow me away at all through any of the songs, except for "Million Dollar Bill" I already knew it was over for this Diva.

She just needs to retire and keep collecting the royalties.


I believe this was caused by the Icelandic volcano. Please give her the benefit of the doubt.


This is what so many real people were trying to say about Whitney when her cd came out, but all her "fans" ran to her defense and called everybody haters when infact, it's true: she simply doesn't have it anymore. I don't even think she should have released the cd. I love Whitney and always have, but I'm a realist. I think at this point in her life/career, she should focus on something else. Maybe acting....


I don't "stan" for any singer because I find that quite ridiculous but singers today should take a cue from Aretha: protect your vocal at *all* costs. Aretha was notorious for her "eccentricities" when it came to protecting her throat but she is 68 and can still sing. If only Mariah and Whitney had done the same.

Cindy Birdsong the Good Supreme

So sorry but Aretha is hardly "stilll singing". She is very reminiscent of Sylvester in tone and quality. Many years ago a vocal coach (very famous) analyzed Whitney's vocal technique in a major magazine and predicted this day would come. I will try and recall his name. I fear Whitney is again using. The way she behaved when Kim Burrell sang her tribute was very crackish; a word make popular by Judge Mathis. If she ain't using she sure has some crackish ways.


Maybe they should've gotten that little Taiwanese boy, Lin Yu Chun, to fill in for her.


Cindy Birdsong. If Aretha can make it through a show without sounding a fraction as bad as Whitney did at that above show, then yes...she's still singing.

Who is this "very famous" vocal coach that you neglected to name?


Her voice is fragile to say the least! This isn't singing, it is screeching and trying to make anything sound good. This is so sad to see, and even worse to hear. The damage is certainly beyond repair.

On the other hand, the falsetto is actually still in decent shape (assuming that was her)...I don't get how that can be, but she needs to stop singing and get off the drugs right away!!

W. Lotus

I'm always sad to hear of someone wasting a great talent.


This is exhibit "A" why no one should try, test, experiment or even contemplate anything that is not nutritious near your mouth. Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol any substance..Really will affect you- some faster than others. That being said-
I am sorry Whitney succumbed to this addiction and all addictions are a disease..Sugar being the number 1. We should embrace people with this disease and offer support. There are many support groups and counseling. I lost three members of my family and I wish I could have offered more assistance as opposed to criticism.


I'm surprised to see everyone has turned into vocal experts on the basis of one YouTube clip.

Rod, the reviews were actually better than Australia's opening night in fact. A Google news search of actual first-hand reviews (i.e. NOT Perez) will reveal this to be the case.

And if you have been following her performances since the comeback, you would hear how much improvement there has been.


Also your description of how long she was on stage is flat out wrong. She performed for more than 20 minutes and every show has a costume change or intermission.

This is information is out there, why are you only posting one video where she sounds bad and following all of the sensationalist press' account of her performance?
Jack, you're obviously brand new here. The link is to NYDN, not Perez. There have been at least 4 or 5 posts following Whitney since her comeback, all very positive. And with an Ohio IP address were you at Tuesday's concert in Birmingham, UK? smh -RM


Also, Whitney was "on drugs" as far back as the late 80s and nobody could really tell, so why is it all of a sudden people think they are able to tell if she's "back" on drugs?

She is eccentric, no doubt about it. So was Billie Holiday, Judy Garland, and so is Aretha.

But that's what makes her a legend. If you guys want Rihanna and Keri Hilson that's fine. I'll stick with Billie and Whitney


>>>She is eccentric, no doubt about it. So was Billie Holiday, Judy Garland,

There is no denying that Judy and Billie had phenomenal voices, but is "eccentric" a euphemism for drug addicts and dying of overdoses? Because that would describe Billie and Judy.

And Rod or this blog liking Rihanna and Keri Hilson? Chile, you must have fallen off a turnip truck. This blog is hardly for little young queens and iirc RiRi has only been mentioned on this site as far as Chris Brown was concerned. And Keri Hilson? ROFL

Former COGIC

@ Jack:

Denial is more than a river in Egypt. And in your case it serves absolutely no purpose. Most of the comments here (and Rod's post) were very supportive off Miss Houston. And indeed there have been many posts here on Whitney's comeback...and I've never seen Rihanna on this blog.

The youtube clip you linked is a MONTAGE of her performance in Nottingham. A MONTAGE is edited. It was also in Nottingham and not BIRMINGHAM. So it proves nothing.

Whitney started off strong ion France and Germany, but the reviews in Australia and Japan were very bad. Your post is realy bizarre, btw.You're admitting she has a very serious drug problem but now trying to argue that she was totally sober the other night and would never perform below par.

And "costume change"? Is that what they're calling it now?


No I was not at the show, and never claimed to be. I well and truly didn't mean to start anything. I just think the truth of the matter is somewhat more complex than labeling her show a disaster.





S. Flemming

Lord Jesus ...


One of her major problems is that she continues to chain-smoke. Having fought so hard to treat her crack-cocaine addiction, she may not be willing to give up the cigarettes too, but if she did, she'd see a significant improvement in her voice, control, and stamina.

Did anyone else notice how well she sang in her head voice. Her upper register is still very good. In fact, I noticed that when she hit the first "you" high note, she started the note even before the background singers began to support the note. Also, notice how beautiful her voice was towards the end of this clip.

Whitney can get her full voice back, even if not exactly the same as before, but she's got to lay off the cigarettes.


Unfortunately, Ms. Houston is NOT an artist. The industry knows this. Ms. Houston has won 6 Grammy..yes JUST 6, whereas Toni Braxton, whose popularity never reached the mass of Whitney, has also won 6. Anita Baker, Beyonce, Natalie Cole, etc have won more. The industry knows that Ms. Houston is not passionate about singing and she is definitely not a song writer or producer.


I am not a hater of Ms. Houston's, but if she knows that she cant hit the notes like she use to, then why not protect her voice by giving up smoking.

Whitney has long been known to have a very bad attitude in the business. She has been mean, rude, and stuck-up to fans and staff. Ms. Houston has a unrealistic case of grandiosity.

I wish her well, but until she realizes that she has damaged her voice (beyond repair by some, see link below), she will never be an entertaining singer until she learns to protect her craft (voice).


Chitown Kev

Actually, Whitney still has a great voice and on any given night she can still hit the notes (i.e. the reviews for for performance in Melbourne were pretty damn good).

Leaving the addiciton issues aside, her voice may simply not be in shape for a rigorous world tour such as the one she's on now.

Unfortunately, Whitney doesn't write or produce her own music so a rigorous tour is really the only way for her to begin to make up for what must be a mountain of debt that she has.

When you go to a Whitney show nowadays, you can really never know what you're gonna get. But her voice is still there, you CAN still hear it (though not in this awful performance) but Miss Thang needs to take care of her voice and herself.

Forever a "Whitneystan"


Whitney was not ready for this album or tour. She sounds terrible and she has for a long while now. You could hear it years ago on the "My Love is your Love" and "Just Whitney" releases. And she was giving her all, but Deborah Cox sang Whitney under the table on “Same Script, Different Cast” way back in 2001. On tape, she’s been able to compensate with shorter notes and good production, but she can’t hide the flaws when she's singing live. More and more, her tone is raspy, and she can barely hold a note. And her handlers can’t protect her from scrutiny the way they could back in 1984-it’s a different industry now. If the Oprah interview is any indication, Whitney still has some substance and life issues to work out before she can really come back. She didn’t seem like she was looking to face her demons or her addictions; just like many other times in her career, she seemed like she’s trying to prove a point- that nobody can take Whitney down- except Whitney herself.


A singer's voice is made up of his/her voice, throat, ear canal, tongue, nasal cavity, diaphragm, and lungs. To keep them in optimum working condition, they must be given exercise, rest, and tender, loving care. Having witnessed Whitney's decade-plus love affair with drugs and Bobby Brown, I feared that she would loose her once-in-a-lifetime voice. After watching the video, it appears that my fears have come true, AND how selfish of her to deprive us, her fans, and the world, of her truly amazing, stratospheric voice!!

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