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07 May 2010



This is good, we need more of these


Definitely a step in the right direction.

As for the comparison between being gay and being black, of course they are not the same -- since gay people do not wear their gayness on their skin. But, one could imagine it like this... suppose one have to hide one's race in order to keep a job or to be treated fairly?

Suppose in order for you to keep your job, you had to pretend, act, dress and *APPEAR* white? Imagine putting on heavy makeup to make your face and hands appear as pale as possible every morning and throughout the day, just so that you can keep your job, that you need to be aware of each and every word that you say and every move that you make, so that people won't suspect that you're black. That is what many gay people go through emotionally and physically every single day, just so that they can keep their job.

Now imagine what emotional turmoil gay folks have to go through, that they have to do the same thing in order to be accepted and loved by their own family?


Good comparison Lukas. I'm not sure do you read this blog often, but you do realize R20 audience is heavily black AND gay? So we know all about that.


we need one of these in every city

Eric M

@ Kelvin:

Oh i am sure he realized that, it sounded to me like he was speaking generally.

Good post. I'm reading this article now ...


You stay on 'em CM Pugh hah. I LOVE a black gay man and/or woman that will nt back down but fight back homophobic ignorance even if it i coming from another black person. We need more black gay men and women having the balls to do that and we need to be that. I know I will..someday haha.
@Lukas I think what you're referring to is 'Passing" which some blacks have done. I know about half of my family can pass for white or latino. I would agree, I think that is a good analogy and can explain much about the similarities and differences of the two.

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