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12 May 2010



Her "best friend" saying that she is not gay means absolutely nothing. The only thing that matters is what SHE says. I have lost many "best friends" because I THOUGHT I knew who they were.

Dallas Cowboy

First the White House said it was a "false charges"....

Now they trot out the best friend.

very interesting ....


And if she is "STFW" she is a brilliant legal mind. She will be adding more needed diversity to the court!!!!! i mean i would of loved a black woman or Asian woman. but hey if this is whom the president can get thru this 'Hell No Obama Senate" its a good thing!


I have absolutely no problem if she and her fiends say that she's straight. And I have no reason to suspect that she is gay. I think too many people are assuming she is straight simply because of her looks and the fact that she isn't married. And I think both of those factors are playing into the speculation about her sexuality.

Unless someone has concrete proof showing that she is a lesbian, people should just get off of this topic. Her foes are trying to raise the speculation about her because they want to somehow sink her nomination. These folks don't give a damn about her desires and passions in love or in the bedroom.

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