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17 May 2010



I am a native Minnesotan and this just makes me sick. It is political posturing at its worst and it's sad to see the "leader" of my state bow to these hateful right wing elements that he thinks will get him to the White House.


That guy keeps getting nuttier and more like Sarah Palin with every passing day.


on the crazy scale, he's in Rick Perry territory.


Pawlenty and his team continue to surprise me. If they've devised a strategy to gain the governor some name recognition, it has been terribly inept. Pawlenty continues to provide no basis nor rationale for his presidential aspirations (outside of him just wanting to be in the White House). Vetoing this bill was foolish. Where does he differentiate himself from the slew of potential opponents who would've done the exact same thing? How does he continue to promote himself as a different-type of Republican (he ridiculously coins himself a "Sam's Club" Republican)?

Silly political move. Not to mention morally vicious.

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