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30 May 2010


Nathan James

Waiting for (ahem) the inevitable airport pic of Jackson and an undisclosed Rentboy.

Loose Lips

This guy has some real issues. I saw a clip of an upcoming promotional show for the A-Team movie on one of the cable channels this morning.

Jackson was flexing and showing off his bicep and the male host reached over to touch it and Jackson barked “I didn’t say you could touch it!” and the host jumped back in shock.

Either he’s having bad testosterone-fueled reactions or he’s a paranoid closet case. Sad.


That's why I am most attracted to openly gay men. I don't have to deal with this homophobic BS. When I see an attractive man, I can recognize him for his beauty and physical nature. But I don't let it go any further than that. I'm glad Jackson lost last night. What a moron and an a**hole.


If the history of recent homophobic closeted Republicans is any clue, this guy will soon be busted as a power-bottom or something. Though with brothers there's seems to be a fascination with trannies. All in good time (right, Eddie Murphy?)

Shade Tea

He's an idiot...

Rampage is QUITE legendary for his MANY shenanigans in and outside of MMA..

And this is no different.

His comment above is suspect just like him...

and Rashad Evans stomped that ass...the "rampage" part of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson never even showed up even when it was HE that wanted the fight...

I think he's gay and is in serious denial and will get busted with some skinny looking white twink from WeHo in abt 6-8 months...


He actually believes putting a coat on is gay


Obviously a self-loathing closet case. He could be a character in an E. Lynn Harris novel.


Here we go again... Another self-hating homosexual!


Bless his poor deluded heart!


That's why he got his butt beat.


the straights can have him.

although i was amused by his colorful undies he wore for the weigh in that had "Boom" (I think it was) on the butt.


Pathetic...I definitely will not be seeing him in his upcoming movie. I'm glad he was defeated, he deserved it.


What an a--hole. Why do so many men assume that being gay is equivalent to being "feminine" or "soft"? It must blow their minds when they find out a "hard" or traditionally masculine guy is gay or bi. It really bothers me that even some gay/bi men have this prejudice. And why hate on the effeminate brothers? So many of them are brave to live their lives and be themselves openly.


I don't like Rampage Jackson AT ALL... Never have and never will


@ KP

You said it exactly right.



I second that motion.

Byron Monte

oh gurl...please.


Rampage has had numerous issues in the past, and this is just the latest flavor of his crazyness. Sad.

And I agree with Byron Monte --"Gurl, please!!" I hope that after Raschad beat that ass, he also tapped it too. I think that's what Rampage really wanted anyway....


All his protesting and showboating leads me to believe that he is struggling with issues. As the saying goes, "Thou that doest protest..." LOL


Wow, what a tool. But then again, I didn't know this guy before and the movie looks completely lame, so...

S. Flemming

Then people wonder why I surround myself with as few straight men as possible ... idiot.


@ S. Flemming

I understand fully. And I go a step further by not dealing with DL men. Too much drama.


can hollywood find something else besides itself to make movies about. then glorify some moron like this... i think I'll make my own movies.

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