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10 May 2010



Lena Horne 1917-2010. WHAT an amazing Life!!! As a child in the 70s I first saw Lena while watching her perform in The Wiz, our now famous (and some would argue infamous) African-American spin on The Wizard of Oz; she played The Good Witch of the North. And she sang these unforgettable words to Diana Ross: "If you believe, then deep within your heart you will know--No One can change the path you must Go! Believe in Yourself! Believe in Yourself!" People like Lena brought JOY and LIGHT to this planet. And the unrelenting way in which she fought for the cause of (as we were called during her lifetime) the Negro, then Colored, then Black, now African-American makes my heart and spirit soar soar soar! Many black people at one time "hated" on Lena for being of fair complexion, but the girl fought on even for the advancement of her darker-skinned detractors! Now that is class! The ancients have said, to be absent from our bodies is to be present with our Source. Well, you're finally home, girl. Rest on Lena...I love you!


Lena was my diva before I knew what a diva was or why I had one. Miss Horne was the epitome of elegance and class; always doing what she could to advance the causes of her people. She also loved the children; and we loved her. Thank you Miss Horne.

alicia banks


we have come full circle

from a regal icon who defiantly embraced her blackness by choice

to an amoral blackish puppet prez who evades his blackness by any means necessary


see more:



no one cares alicia. bring your black rage down to a simmer for a second and remember miss horne. jeez..

Distant Lover

Thank you Miss Horne. I'm crying because we are losing our angels here on Earth which means that we must become the Angels who, when our time comes to join Ms. Horne, will leave behind what she's left behind.


The Presidents words were eloquent and appropriate. I greatly appreciate what he had to say about this ICONIC and INCOMPARABLE women we call Lena Horne.

@Alicia.... COME OFF IT Girlfriend! This is really NOT the time.


This warms my heart tremendously that Obama made a statement on the passing of a legend. Rest in Peace Diva....we'll miss you.

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