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10 May 2010



“They should choose another profession.”

Now isn’t that the truth?

Who are these people, anyway, forever frightened of doing anything that might have the taint of goodness?


So they possibly have the votes to push through the legislation and they likely WONT have the votes after November. That makes sense.

Try doing what's RIGHT (which is why they were elected) instead of trying to ignore issues that could cause them re-election.

Andy Niable

It's too bad right after the HCR bill victory, the LGBT community didn't set aside the HRC/GE turf wars briefly to seize the moment to "blogswarm" Congress and push ENDA--*hard*--with a massive telephone and in-person lobbying effort.

The moderates in Congress are "scared" because we aren't doing enough to let them know we have their back and demand action.

Call em and tell em: 202-224-3121


This is ridiculous. ENDA has the support of the overwhelming majority of the public.


"It's too bad right after the HCR bill victory, the LGBT community didn't set aside the HRC/GE turf wars briefly to seize the moment to blogswarm ..."

Oh Andy. Drink up, buddy...
HRC is 30 years old, has tens of millions of dollars in its budget and hundreds of staff.HRC board members and executive director are regularly invited to White House meetings, Congress and have popcorn nights with POTUS and FLOTUS.

I don't even know who Get Equal are besides Robin Mcgehee and Lt Dan Choi. But at most its a handful of activists, a few iPhones to take pics and go on Facebook, a megaphone and a few people heckling the president at one dinner.

That does not constitute a "turf war."

And weren't you (and many others) saying for months that ENDA and DADT would happen and "just wait for health care"? And it was a 'sure thing'? And didnt you disagree with Rod for months, ENDA was "not" controversial, someone assured you it would happpen.

Guess what my friend? If they're not voting on something or afraid too...they think its controversial.

And do we even need to talk about DADT which you also said was "a sure thing" once HCR was done?

Please stop blaming everyone else because Obama, the White House and the congressional Democrats are punking out on their campaign promises because they are scared of conservative backlash on gay rights. If they are this 'scared' now, will it get easier closer to election day?

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