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17 May 2010



Interesting... Conservative justices say it's okay to imprison kids FOR LIFE for crimes other than murder, then say that sex offenders SHOULDN'T be kept in prison after they've finished their sentences. Kind of schizophrenic reasoning I think. I guess it at least demonstrates that even conservatives aren't conservative on every issue.


KP, it's not so schizophrenic if you think about it. More and more, the average conservative knows that the next sex offender to be brought to justice might possibly be him.


Actually, it's not schizophrenic at all. True conservatives believe that the federal government shouldn't interfere in state sentencing guidelines--thus the dissenting opinion in the LWOP case. They also believe that imprisoning someone after his/her sentence is over is a violation of his/her Constitutional rights--thus the opinion in the sex offender case.

You may not agree with their conclusions, but their logic is consistent, at least in these cases. It's a matter of using a narrow interpretation of the Constitution...which is what conservatives used to believe in, and some still do.

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