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21 May 2010



geesh what a messy group!


Just as well...I mean he's not much of a name draw as far as I know of. I mean I've never heard of him at least....lol.


notice how he sent 2 messages,, the first one wasn't homophobic so he sent a second one which made him appear offensive. seems like somebody is trying to seek attention by being a homphobe when really their a repressed homosexual. sandra rose already spilt the tea on wale and how he got into the industry so plz belieave homeboy is down with the gays just not publicly. i lve in maryland so i know how them dc boys get down also



This dude is from DC!!!!!!! DC PRIDE HAS BEEN A MAINSTAY FOR 20 YEARS!

HE KNEW and got with a group of friends and then started to feel some kind of way, but I DIDN'T KNOW?! REALLY!?



Sorry, I don't blame him. It is what it is. Its funny so many sites.. not this one,, but others spend time trying to make these artist gay, irregardless if its true or not. Gay doesn't sell records. We all know that, and yeah we need someone to challenge it. However, we can't get gay artist to make good material and we can't get straight (male) artist to perform for the gays.... Who is to blame... LOL this is random as hell.. Plus if his name wasn't that big of a draw why post this article...

Black Pegasus

Maybe they should've booked Chris Brown. His career is almost dead, so he should be jumping for the opportunity to perform..

Oh WAIT! Chris Brown is a raging homophobe too! Oh sNaP! LOL


Well we can't it have it our way all the time. And like most said he isn't the draw of the event anyway. So just make peace and move on to someone who is willing to perform. Sounds like J Holiday is a better choice anyway! Hey EARL!!!!!


@ Justsoukno, I think Rod already knew Wales wasn't a big name. He was pointing out his behavior. And I have to disagree with u on not blaming him. I DO blame him because he could have shown himself a real man by performing and showing that u don't have to be gay to support a pride event. That was a personal call that he made.e

really shock

is a complete a-hole I hope they sue him back into the poor house


I assume he was pressured by family or friends to back out. That excuse -- "I didn't know it was a gay event" -- is just not credible at all. What a jerk. At least he should "man up" and admit the truth.


Why not release a copy of the documents that they originally sent to Wale's group, showing that they knew full well that it was a gay pride event. You can't automatically assume that everyone knows everything about everything. I didn't even know what a pride event was until recently(granted, I severely limit my net access, per choice) and from what I have seen of it, I have no intentions of ever being a part of it. Still though, as the saying goes, there are 3 sides to every story and we all know where assumptions get us.

I couldn't help but notice that they kept saying "Black pride" and not "black gay pride


@ Osiris:

Sounds like an excuse to me, man.
I think any black man who was born, grew up and lives in DC knows what DC black gay pride is on Memorial Day. Dont you?

I think what prob happened, as Rev Kev said, is Wale agreed but got nervous when emails were blasted promoting him or he was teased.

And maybe you didnt read the articles but several newspapers were emailed the contracts. Black Pride has no reason to lie.

Typical. Black gay men are conditioned to criticize other black gay men and support homophobic brothas. Now they're demanding documentation and proof that Black Gay Pride proved it was gay lol


@Justsoukno There are quite a few gay artists that produce excellent material. I recommend "Pick Up The Mic", the documentary on homo-hip-hop. We should also start supporting our own artistic community, instead of being so critical of each other. We get enough of that in mainstream society. The entertainment community is not courting us with mega deals, due to financial fear. It is up to us to change that. We (the African American gay community) have a lot of economic power that we aren't aware of. Think of all of us who buy and support other artists (Beyonce, Janet, Madonna, Patti LaBelle, etc.) What if we were to use that same buying power to support, artists who looked and lived like us? I don't think any record label would complain about making those dollars!


Whose idea was it to book this guy any way?


who cares ... J HOLIDAY is a better performer anyways...


I swear to you, I have never heard of this guy in my life.



Agree 100%

I doubt anyone will miss Wale at this event anyway...LOL.

Black Pegasus

I'm in agreement with CMcCall..

Gay brothas are the oil that makes the entertainment industry work! We are Ghost Writers, Clothing Designers, Movie Directors, Trend Setters and hell, even RAPPERS!

We have both the skill and the dollars to support our own! If we can stop being so critical of each other, maybe it can thrive.


Actually Chris Brown is NOT homophobic, he has shown support for us via his Twitter page in the past. Outside of that, this is a disappointment, this could have broken down a few walls, built some bridges. Ah well.-QH

Chris Cruz

"LOL this is random as hell.. Plus if his name wasn't that big of a draw why post this article...":

The story is all over DC, on NBC4, on Newschannel, in the Washington Post and everywhere. So you're blaming Rod for posting what has already been written everywhere else?

In case you didnt see, Wale responded to Rod on Twitter. Of course gays don't buy records,man, Madonna didnt perform at Roxy, Janet Jackson didn't do a gay pride, Patti Labelle didnt do black gay pride, Janelle Monae doesnt have an ad on this blog and Rod just didnt interview Macy Gray.

And gays dont buy fashion either, right? LOL Girl, you're random.


Some of you guys are claiming to have not heard of Wale, yet you expect everyone to know what black gay pride is? That's hypocritical.

We need to be better. As both black men and gay men.

@Faison: I had already stated that I had no idea what black gay pride was. Growing up, Memorial Day was a day to honor men and women that have fallen while serving in the military. That's what it *still* is, to me. Sorry.

Former COGIC

DC Black Gay Pride is very well known in the DMV. Its all over tv and newspapers. Always has been. Of course Wale knew. Earl Fowlkes is president of all the black gay prides. His business card says "Intl Black Gay Pride". He's on the Democratic National Committee. Why would he want to lie about some C list rapper? Why would they want to 'trick' him? And it's foolish to keep pretend that his manager or publicist was NOT told, didnt ask about the event or could not GOOGLE. They are paid to do that, you know.

And ... Wale was tweeting Rod about this. So if there is no truth to any of this, why are Wale or his friends reading this blog or following Rod on twitter? If he had nothing to hide?


GTFOH @ him growing up in the District & not knowing what "pride" is on Memorial day weekend. Maybe if you live outside of DC, MD,& VA you might not be familiar with the tradition, but believe me "Black Pride weekend" is just as much apart of DC Memorial Day tradition as the parade down Constitution Ave.

I know of Wale because I follow hip hop music & I live in the DMV. I was a fan, but not anymore dude. As Rod said "If you say so hon"...


>>>Some of you guys are claiming to have not heard of Wale, yet you expect everyone to know what black gay pride is? That's hypocritical.

Now what's stupid is a black gay man DEFENDING a straight brotha who says he didnt want to play at a gay event, didnt want our money, but yet here you are.

But this isn't about what "we've" heard. You want to pretend that Wale was booked somewhere, his manager didn't get details, his accountant didn't, Wale cashed the damn check and didn't know either. No one was told and no one could Google.

And the brotha says he dont want to be around gays and YOU want to try to blame this on everyone but him. I'm outta here.


Why should we assume that a heterosexual man knows when Black Gay Pride is just because he lives in the city? If that's not his scene I doubt he'd pay attention to it whether he lives in the city or not.

Yeah it definitely was ignorant for him to send the second E-mail making it seem his reason for dropping out was because it was a gay event. However it's understandable.

But, Wale should keep in mind that most of his fans are not heterosexual males. They're females, gays, and the DL bros he thinks are one of the boys. I saw him in concert and there were a bevy of dudes I knew that got down that were there chumming it up right in his face unbeknown to him...or maybe known.

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