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21 May 2010


Black Pegasus

LMAO!! Oh...My...Gawd!

You mean to tell me this guy responded to Rod's Blog via his twitter account? How did he know about the story on this blog? Does he read this blog? Did his DL lover read it? haha! So many questions, too few people willing to give the answers.

Grambling State

>>> How did he know about the story on this blog? Does he read this blog? Did his DL lover read it?

werk rod 2.0 werk!
how did wale know to reads this blog and read you on twitter? who told him and so quickly?

but you know all the dl rappers and industry types read this blog, all the political types, the models....you're werkin' it

so what is the real tea?


Rod, you know you bringing it!

"#IfYouSaySoHon." = Priceless


Rod u did this!! I love it! Got him all worked up. Yea some "ghostwriter" on here told him. They'll probably never make themselves known and that's cool. Do u lol.


I'm with you JSTHEATER!

That tag was ON POINT! I actually just TWEETED him and asked him to EXPLAIN since this is a "lie".

Chris Cruz

What Rev Kev said. I tweeted him too and asked him what was the lie. Old boy obviously got some DL jumpoffs in his crew, why are they reading this blog? And why are they following Rod on twitter? This was crazee...


notice that Wale's stans from the other threads have nothing to say in this one. kind of speaks for itself.


After that Wale went on a small rant. I believe if he really was homophobic he wouldn't have explained himself or the story at all. Truth be told, he doesn't owe anyone an explaination past the reason he gave but he gave one...

I still don't know how I personally feel about it all but I know Wale is a Virgo, like myself, and I know how sensitive we can be when attacked under false pretenses. Either way I'm STILL gonna go off for DC Pride next weekend. <3

Rod Mc

Nic: And the "reason"? And what "false pretenses"?

Wale didn't tell me, but he called me a liar on Twitter. And the rant was just that, a rant. No explanation.

The story was reported by the Blade, MetroWeekly, Ch4 and the Washington Post. We all saw the emails from his agent. So everyone is lying but Wale? Of course, and his friends just stumbled upon my blog and Twitter. smh -RM


it never fails...whenever i stroll about in here...i always feel like alice in wonderland...everything is curiouser and more curiouser...nancy reagan was once quoted in regards to gay pride...***i don't know what they have to be proud of***

well, unlike nancy reagan i'd love to see the proud day when brotha to brotha love become en vogue, but to paraphrase sam cooke...i don't think that change is gonna cum...


# ifyousaysohomophobe


wow had no clue nancy reagan was like that. hopefully over the years she's changed. my mom was the same and now she's alot better. thanks for posting that aaron i wouldn't have ever known. learn something knew everyday

Honut Sinti

As that old show saying goes... "One never knows, do one?"


Playing a bit of devil's advocate, Rod's post is one of the first few results in google if you search "Wale DC Pride," so he/his people may have come across it that way. The twitter I dunno, since I'm not on there.

Either way, he's a scumbag, I'd heard and liked the song, but had no clue who's it was, nor did I really care, just another ass shaking 3 minutes that we'll forget by next year.

Kudos to people making more timeless music.


Where have you been Jacob? This B-rated actress's only passion was to serve as a human clothes hanger, AND she was married to Ronald Reagan, for heaven's sake!


Rod: All I am saying is that he may not have been aware of the cancellation until after the fact. From his rant I got that his agent cancelled it and it was his job to respond to the accusations, which he definitely did not do to the best of his abilities, "no clue it was a gay event", c'mon wale.

All in all we all know how the media can quickly misconstrue information to twist it into a story and you as a journalist can definitely understand how situations can be taken out of hand then get swept by different publications.

All i am saying is that it is not fair to start throwing around the term homophobia, as certain publications did, because he cancelled one show. It is clear that he was getting a lot of gripe about that when the story broke.

Rod Mc

@Nic: "All I am saying is that he may not have been aware of the cancellation until after the fact."

Point very well taken. Wale's agent made the cancellation, but the "agent" speaks for Wale. That's why he's called an "agent." Wale didn't clarify or criticize his agent's emails. Instead, he called me a liar on Twitter--I didn't break this story, btw--ranted and offered no explanation. .

Also: I never accused Wale of being 'homophobic' in my post or Twitter. Clearly the last part wasn't not in reference to me.

The contract and emails were sent to me and it explicitly said "Black Gay Pride." It's a Catch 22 for Wale. If he claims he didn't know, he looks foolish and/or homophobic. If he claims he did know, then he's reneging and bowing to (homophobic?) pressure. That's why he refuses to explain himself because he looks bad either way.

It's a trifling story and I'm done with. And once again, it's always amazing how many black gay men will defend and rationalize straight black male celebrities who disrespect or want nothing to do with our community. Black gay teens bullied and or gay-bashed? Not so much. -RM

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