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24 May 2010


Black Pegasus

I hope Historians are paying attention to what is taking place in our time of the Obama era. This uprising of Tea Bagging Buffoonery is simply about Race and no one can convince me otherwise!

I will continue to support the democrats in the House and Senate despite the nasty vitriol I am witness to.

You Tea Clowns have only embolden me to press onward! I will NOT allow you to take us back to 1957.


Uncle Tom.


..."And they can't call me a racist!"......*vomits*.. This man is simply fishing for election points. Racism is not a respect of person or ethnic group. If you discriminate against someone because of their ethnicity even if you share the same ethnicity.....YOU ARE A RACIST! I wish the timid Democrats would stand up and bark as loud as the TeaBaggers.

alicia banks

i respect him more than hobama

i will take a real neocon over a fake dem anyday


at least he admits in advance that his race gives him carte blanche

rather than using it as a removeable blackish bro man mask like hobama


"i will take a real neocon over a fake dem anyday. at least he admits in advance that his race gives him carte blanche"

You aint never lied!

Who knows, we might need to pour some black tea!

Obama flipped on his drilling promise and we had to beg him on DADT. I'd rather fight against a Repub than be stabbed in back by a fake Dem!


...I don't mind that he's black and not for Obama, that's his right...but the BS that Obama hates America is what pisses me off...negro, PLEASE SIT DOWN...!


Yeah, I'm with you Butch. I have my share of criticisms of the prez but he is still the president. It's insulting and racist to say he is anti-american or that bs about him not being born here. That's when they enter freeper territory.


And the whole bowing bs is just that bs!


"No, they'll just call you a wingnut and that might get you elected in AL-05."

Fail, fail, fail.

Rod, so very petty and typically liberal of you. Name calling. How lefty chic! Any black or gay or even a gay black man such as myself who is not a Democrat you launch an attack.

Puhleeze. Grow a pair and be willing to debate conservative ideas!


Miss GBM you really need to check yourself girl. The GOP hardly has room for kolored kweens, chile! Do they let you in the front door of meetings? Or da back?


We didn’t really need to have this proved yet another time...But this man and his video just demonstrate once again that mental illness knows no color.


Conservative ideas? are you f'ing kidding me? What ideas are this candidate discussing? What has my ire is that Pres. Obama has lived and done what any "minority" is supposed to do in this country by being law abiding, church going, ivy league school finishing, community organizing, pulling himself up by the bootstraps, no police record having, long married family man...How much more of a Black American success story can he be and still get the repect afforded "other" such Americans? By all means lets dicuss "conservative ideas" right after the G.O.P. and the like stop slinging mud in the face Pres. Obama and his family with these sleazy personal attacks...It's not about party affiliation past a certain point, whether Dem., Rep. or whatever I thought there was a certain level of RESPECT called for here, have I been duped, believing what I have been told and taught all these years about how I was to view the office of POTUS and the supposed fairness ideal of our country for all people? I certainly hope not, but lately it's like you have two choices: Be cynical or be depressed and both those suck...!


excuse the grammar and typos...I got to feeling myself, but you know what the hell I mean here...


It's really a shame the way some of my fellow black conservatives have chosen to run for political office these days. I don't know anything about Les Phillip, but this ad does nothing to bolster his campaign. Alas, I realize he's running for office is an undoubtedly ultra-conservative district in Alabama (the NRA hat at the end tells it all); so Bill Ayers and "bowing" attacks may resonate with the local electorate.

Personally, I think it would be a better strategy to give folks a different look at what black conservatism represents. It stands for courage to believe what you feel is right, not what society expects you to co-sign. It's got nothing to do with being called a racist...true black conservatives really don't care! We understand that conservative principles are for the betterment of ALL citizens.

He's dropping the ball with this anti-Obama tomfoolery. It may get him elected, but won't earn him any respect.



He is not an Uncle Tom. People keep using that term and if they knew the facts, they would never call people like him and Clarence Thomas that name.

If you want to call him something, call him a "Neocoon."

Black Pegasus

Rod = By evidence of the comments I just read; I had no idea you had so many self hatin queens coming to your site!

Can somebody explain to me WTH a Conservative Gay Black Man is? You gurls need and stop hatin on your President and yourself! I have a feeling that you so called conservative homos are truly miserable in that closet..

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