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07 May 2010



This is a good look and sound for him.

Eric M



Not knowing a thing about Bloc Party, I spahked a gaggle of their videos.

This fellow doesn’t have to do anything to be sexy, just be himself. In this “Tenderoni” video, I especially like the camera work between 2:14 and 2:32. Exciting.

It is easier for someone like Kele, with his music and persona, to come out of the UK than out of the U.S.

It’s certainly a lot easier for someone like Kele to come out IN the UK than in the U.S. It makes me wistful.


Jim, that's such a sad commentary but so true. We, the USA, are supposed to be so free and free-minded, yet Mexico and Canada (above and below us) have rights that we may never know in this country and systems to take care of their people...ALL OF THEM!

I spent a semester in London for my junior year of college and I could SO easily move there because the music, the culture and so much more just contributes to people being...civil and open to diversity.

Bravo Rod. Great video. It's good to see that MUSIC VIDEOS are still being done with some fire. Between him and Estelle, BLACK UK IS DOING THE DO BABY! Toni Braxton's back with Bille Woodruff and like they did in the 1990s, they are making magic. Maybe the music of America will follow suit...and (dreaming here) maybe then America herself!!!


Naaah he dosent rate in the uk he's a dry cliched student rock star. David McAlmont is who you need to know about


Kele will always be hot! Plus, he's working with Hercules and Love Affair.


I agree estelle is doing ting here and she's respected for pulling herself up after being dropped by her first label. the irony is that I get more acceptance from the straight scene than the gay scene, some gay men in the uk are still racist where as that attitude in the straight scene is totally unacceptable.


good video!!

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