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20 May 2010


Mike A

The last paragraph is key.

Amnesty International demanded that the couple be freed. Neither the White House nor the State Department did.

barton hughes

@ Mike A ... ditto

The USA needs to use that $115 million as leverage.


*sighs* Being African myself, I'm totally appalled at this atrocity. What's even more disturbing is that the only concerns on the record are from outside the continent. The silence from the rest of the continent's leaders can only be interpreted as approval of this vile violation of human rights.

I totally co-sign @Barton Hughes' suggestion that the USA use the money as leverage.

Mad Professah

If the conviction stands then theUS should immediately end foreign aid to the country.

Joseph Lanzone

As a gay man married(in Massachusetts) to my partner of thirty years, I am not only appalled at this decision, but in solidarity with this couple. Even though we live in the US, my husband and I are acutely aware of how many civil and human rights we are still denied here. The US either stands for indivisible freedom or it does not. It must once and for all ACT like the land of the free. We gay people make it the home of the brave!

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