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16 May 2010



“Two Pentecostal bishops said gays were ‘unacceptable’ in Zambian society.

No, Bishop, I consider YOU unacceptable in ANY society.

“Zambia is declared a Christian nation and anything that is un-Christian and alien to our society is deemed to be an abomination.”

Where to even begin with this?

Since Jesus was born and raised in Zambia, I guess I can see why Zambians would have such a cultural attachment to Christianity, but it’s time to develop a more cosmopolitan outlook, no?


Would someone PLEASE tell these idiots that all they're doing is following the white man's myth? Africans should have kept their own myths.

Perhaps someone with a public platform can inform ignorant heteros that homos and bi-babies COME FROM HETEROS, so maybe the "problem" is with the hetero population. Thank you.


Zambia is a "Christian" country? Well, I guess that means they follow the example of Jesus and adhere strictly to his Sermon on the Mount, right? "Love your neighbor as yourself" all the way, right? Or, perhaps they are following the brand of "Christianity" imported by Europeans and used as a tool of colonial brainwashing. The same brand of Christianity that endorsed violence and domination of non-white peoples. Why are Black people so good at repeating the errors of their oppressors? Damn...

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