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13 June 2010



They need to send his ass back to Iraq.


It is a shame. I wish that it had been the English MMA transvestite, so they could have gotten their behinds handed to them.

Nathan James

Essentially, the Marines beat Daly because they thought Daly winked at them? And our military lets these two handle rifles? (Shudder)


Stories like this keep reminding us, we've come a long way but still have soooo far to go.


He was struck on the back of the head so obviously they were the ones walking behind and harrassing the gay guy.

a guy can't wink at you when your behind him. but their excuse is the same as usual from any gay basher that travels in groups. Oh it was the gays fault because i was so attractive they couldn't resist me and tried to hump my leg so i bashed him. i'm so sick of that excuse. but sadly sometimes it works.


I saw online or on tv i forgot where exactly but gay bashers do this in groups of 2 or more to prove their sexuality to the others. to affirm their all man and not soft or gay.

if he wouldn't have bashed him than his friend probably would have suspected he was also gay.

but the victim told the bashers he wasn't winking at them so why didn't they just let it go? if someone of the the same sex doesn't like you and your straight, shouldn't you feel relief? it's almost as if they felt angry that they weren't attractive enough for what they thought was a gay man and so they bashed him.

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