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08 June 2010



Mad luv 4 my kin folk!


I LUV Ms James CD! My fav track on "My Soul" is "So Cold".


I got the chance to meet this soul songstress last year in LA on the set of BET's LIFT EVERY VOICE! She is FIYAH in concert! Leela James is a pint-sized powerhouse who can handle any kind of music!

She's the truth and her voice is unnerving!

BRAVO, LEELA! And this is a gangsta move, Rod! SHOWING THE NEW SOULSTIRRER SOME LOVE! Go head on R2.0!


Like her voice and her look, never been heard of her before, but she sure sounds exactly what my ears wants. Thanks Rod!


First time hearing but I like it. Great 60's vibe to her voice.

Rodney B

This girl is so UNDERrated its sickening. Her first two albums were totally slept on.

Please support this woman!.

This is some serious SOUL music!

Sebastian Catovsky

This is the album that will make Ms James!


Totally love Leela James and she is the epitome of 70s soul personified. I haven't heard all the tracks on the new jpoint but like what I hear!

T Evans

Believe it or not, I've never heard of her ... Probably because I stopped (really) listening to the anemic RB radio stations we're currently cursed with years ago...

But girlfriend gets MAD points for that CD cover!... Now that's how I like my funk divas -- Frizzy-haired, voluptuous, and working the boot-pumps, baby!


Love her! Why can't talented folks like this get more spins on the airwaves?


Leela is the TRUTH! I purchased the previous CD when it was released and I am so glad that the new one is finally here! Her voice is unlike anyone else out there. Her style is almost as unique as the voice. Hopefully this release will introduce her to even more people and allow people to appreciate what music is about- not about copying what others are doing. Instead, music should take you somewhere you've never been and/or bring something to you that you've never experienced.


Those tracks are hot!

Tavares J Harris

Me and my folks LOVE this song! I didn't know it was her!


I have listened to Leela before and she has an amazing voice. When I was watching this video I was thinking she would harmonize perfectly with Anthony Hamilton and they need to record a ballad together. Very underrated! I'm interested in hearing her album.


Awww how sweet of you Rod!


Leela is gorgeous (although I admire the frizz a lot more than I do the Marie Antoinette curls), but when I watch her videos, I always find myself staring at the men instead.

True, they all look like something from a Terry McMillan novel, but at least they aren’t mere boys wearing saggy jeans.

Momma, I don’t know, but I might be gay.


She is fyah send me a CD!


Awesome! I'd love to have one!


Thanks Rod for this CD giveaway...I have been a fan of Leela James since she came out with her first CD. Saw her at the Black Cat in Washington D.C. a few years ago and she ripped it. Loving the track with her and Raheem DeVaughn off her new CD.


what a great vibe to this. i lived through 60's/70's soul and love the resurgence of this kind of sound. thanks for showcasing her


Leela James is incredible, but I don't see how she sounds like Franklin or Khan. Her voice is nothing like theirs; it is heavier with darker shading. She has her own voice, and with some original material, she should skyrocket!


leela is fierce! she does a cover of Sam Cooke's A Change is Gonna Come that just makes you wanna holler like you are in church. she is too soulful for modern radio. she is more like mavis staples to me. she can do no wrong in my book


Love Leela, i can't wait to get this new cd.


Leela James's debut CD is one of my favorites. The song "Didn't I" is great. I'm glad she's back with new music.

DC Dee

And I do want to win a copy of her new CD "My Soul".

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