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20 June 2010



"If you see Drake and LeBron do you think they're gay?"

.......Well, actually.....


>>>If you see Drake and LeBron do you think they're gay?



LOL! I never heard this rumor or saw any alleged pictures of him in apple bottoms. Jaleel was outstanding as Steve Urkel and Family Matters is one of my ALL TIME favorite sitcoms. Its a shame his career didn't stay together after that show, but he seems to be doing well.


I never heard these DL rumor either, lol. But Penny Hardaway is hot, I'll get all up on that.

And Rod what you doin' listening to radio in Detroit lol

The Truth

I don't care if Jaleel is gay or not. He didn't say anything bad about gay people, while denying he was gay, so he's good in my book. Do you.

I havent heard the name Jaleel White in quite a while, so thanks for this post. I used to love Steve Urkel...and Stefan...and Myrtle! LOL


No one said Jaleel said something bad and Rod certainly didnt say it either. Just passing along a story that a radio station posted, breathe.

But the DJs were very homophobic though and have no problem showing it. That's black radio though. And of course most of us black gay men listen to it and say or do nothing.

The Truth

Of course no one said Jaleel said anything against gay people, hun...

I made MY OWN comment on Jaleel and how he conducted himself during the homophobic portion of the interview...
Thanks. That is all.

The Truth

Of course neither Rod or anyone else said anything bad about Jaleel White, hun.

FYI..I was making MY OWN comment on Jaleel as a result of how I thought he conducted himself.
Thanks. That is all.

South Side Trade

Jaleel White did NOT say he wasn't gay. He said he wasn't roommates with Penny Hardaway and they wasn't smashing!

White didnt say he wasnt gay. He could be gay, bi or DL. Looks like he has a big piece too!


I would call this "ambush" journalism except that these DJs aren't journalists with an ounce of integrity. It's like asking someone if he has stopped beating his wife. What exactly is the answer you're supposed to give? No matter what you say, the seed of doubt has been planted. And it doesn't take much water for it to grow. Reminds me of the scene from the movie "Doubt" when the priest was giving a sermon about gossip.

I agree with The Truth. I don't care if Jaleel is or isn't gay, and he didn't say anything derogatory about gay folks.


What Ravenback said.

Those clowning morning DJs are on some bullsh_t. It's obvious that was not Jaleel White in those blue jeans. People just like startin gay rumors about black male celebrities, its supposed to be the ultimate put down to a black man.

Eric Robinson

IT is 2010? are we still gossiping about someones alleged "homosexuality" if jaleel is gay, penny, will smith , whom ever why oh why is this still news u or anyone needs to know!!!!! this Sh#4 is ridiculous

Janet Fan

ohhh yes! trade honey TRADE!


It would have been funny if Jaleel had shot back with "oh yeah? I heard the same rumors about you 3. it's all over the internet message boards. which one of you is the top"?

serve them a little dose of their own bull$#!t.

Black Pegasus

Well Jaleel, consider yourself a STAR honey. Cuz you haven't truly reached stardom until the buttboy rumors take off...

Wish you all the best! Come back to the TV screen lil papa!

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