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17 June 2010


Nathan James

This was a compltete and total tragedy for all involved, including Wolfe, who likely will never breathe free air again. This awful chain of events highlights the sad reality of domestic violence within the LGBT community. My hearfelt condolences go out to the Williams family, whose grief and anguish in this difficult time must be unbearable.


If someone doenst want you... move the f.. on. Life is too precious to be so stuck on someone to the point of murder and or suicide!


This story is so devastating to hear. I hope Stacie's son makes a full recovery and that Kim gets the harshest punishment possible. R.I.P Stacie Williams.


Yep... Sad as hell... No disrespect to any of the victims involved, but this is a classic example of what Aaron McGruder coined a "N-gga Moment."... In the midst of one emotional episode, this woman took out three people she probably cared very deeply for, her (ex?) girlfriend, uncle, and herself -- and almost a fourth.... Tragic.

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