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18 June 2010


Nathan James

Here's hoping the jury in this new, second trial will see through the defense's blame-the-victim tactics and wipe that laughing smile right off Phoenix' face with a murder and hate-crime conviction.

Phoenix can then spend 25-to-life crying about his new home in Attica.


Let's see if he's gonna be laughin' in prison.


Let's pray that the jury doesn't f-up like the previous jury did. This scum needs to be put away.

Account Deleted

What a putrid, disgusting, vile excuse of a human being. Interestingly enough, these are the type of people many of us homos would defend.

Taylor Siluwé

His "he's stupid" comment is more ironic than he'll ever understand. Hopefully this will finish him for good with this new jury.

Sadly, he can still spend his life chuckling away in prison. It's people like this who make me re-think my position on capital punishment.


Laughing? Really?
I guess he is confident that he will get off on these charges. I don't think so, sir.


I hope the jury takes into account his demeanor when they make their verdict.


...It's exactly how hyper-masculine hetero Black males think of homosexuality or of two males even being close together...

Cocoa Rican

Fry his ass...then serve it with a nice garnish at the nearest state facility. He's a moron and fits the profile of the self-hating man who has had his share of 'encounters' and uses these types of incidents to establish some machismo credibility. It's now the rule that any alleged straight man who goes out of his way to belittle, attack or berate gay men is more than likely gay and trying to distance himself from the issue. Homophobia is the new coming out.

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