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03 June 2010



looks and sounds like an ignorant, homophobic reporter playing judge, jury and executioner. good luck to these two BRAVE, FREEDOM FIGHTERS.



Do you perchance speak chichewa or are you calling the reporter homophobic just based on the tone?

I for one had no clue what they were saying, and though the pace did pick up toward the end between Tiwonge and the reporter, it's pretty speculative to say he was judging them or being homophobic.

I loved the dynamic between the lovers, Tiwonge goes off! Steven is more reserved, it was also cute to see Tiwonge correct Steven's hand and posture like any other couple being interviewed on TV, str8 or gay.

In other news, why is NY state modeling it's new license plates after Malawi?


Wish I knew what they were saying...appears interesting as hell! Can somebody translate????


As an African, I find it fascinating that these are two people who appear to be quite uneducated and have never stepped out of the borders of their country. That should put to rest the claim that homosexuality is only occurs among African elites or people in the western world.


They each seem to be handling the situation with grace and courage.
Tiwonge seems to be reading the kids too ...
I wish them safety in the coming days.


Yes Tiwonge seems like he doesn't suffer a fool lightly! I wish I knew what was being said, but if there is transcript out there I know Rod will find it. These men are pioneers in my mind. I wish them nothing but love and SAFETY!


What a DELIGHTFUL event after sizzle miami. SOme real news and advancement for Black and African Gay Men! THANKS!!!

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