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19 June 2010



They are beautiful paintings. The young kids need to be exposed to images of black folks at an early age so they can see a range of global beauty.


Not to be super critical of these babies but have any of them actually seen Barack? Some art instructor should have informed these artist that black people come in different shades. Perhaps they just had a lot of chocolate brown paint. It doesn't take away from the beauty of the art. It's just an observation.


Trust me Indonesia knows we come in different shades..

Former COGIC

Cosign anonymous.

Wow. Do we as black Americans have so much cultural baggage that the first and only thing we focus on is the skin complexion in a painting? The little boy in the third picture who plays young Obama in the movie...is he "light" enough?

SMH. It's art, folks. It's an artistic depiction of a young black American who was in Indonesia by an Indonesian. And clearly you've probably never seen Romare Bearden's paintings (who was black), or else you would say that he thought all black people were jet black.

I doubt the artist is racist because he's clearly proud of Obama. It's really a shame that something should be celebrated is being tore down over an artistic depiction of skin complexion.

Whew. Now that I got that out the way, it's brilliant. I'm so proud that we have a black president with a multicultural background who is being celebrated around the world. It's very obvious why Obama could be elected and other blacks could not...the cultural legacy of slavery and racism is too strong in many of us. Holds many of us back.


Turn your nose up. Shake your head. Make snide comments. I don't give a rat's butt. I acknowledged that it is good art but even those of you who are apparently much more enlightened have to acknowledge the fact that many non-blacks have made the claim that we all look alike. And, Barack Obama is half white.

It should also be mentioned that given the racist attitudes of many Americans that if Barack Obama had been all black or darker-skinned, the likelihood that we would be having this discussion would be very slim.

I understand they are going to make a movie of Lena Horne's life. Let's see if Viola Davis can play a young Lena and perhaps Ms Cicely Tyson can play her in that later years.


@ Freeleo:


It's a MODERN art retrospective for CHILDREN painted by a young INDONESIAN artist. Obama did not SIT for the paintings and they're not supposed to be REALISTIC or PHOTOS.

It's not a BIOPIC about Lena Horne. Which was a really stupid comparison btw.

You have absolutely no idea what is a cultural reference. Obviously you're offended and think darker skin is something ugly or evil, which is how American blacks are programmed. In Indonesia, that is not the case. There are many darker skinned people in power. The artist depiction is probably meant to reinforce that Obama is black. Notice the American flag and the White House in the portraits.

Very telling that many people on this blog have ZERO to say about Obama and LGBT rights, AIDS, DADT, ENDA, funding black colleges, backpedaling on drilling...you know, the important stuff. But folks want to rip an artist a half a world away for a perceived slight about the pigmentation on a canvas. We have a black president but black folks are forever stuck in victim mode.

And once again, the Lena Horne biopic casting comparison was just ridiculous.


miss freeleo...you just got read honey, chapter AND verse...don't be mad tho' 'cuz some great points were raised...education is elevation.

Former COGIC

"Very telling that many people on this blog have ZERO to say about Obama and LGBT rights, AIDS, DADT, ENDA, funding black colleges... but folks want to rip an artist a half a world away for a perceived slight about the pigmentation."

On the contrary, I'd argue that's exactly why they hijacked this thread. If they get folks riled up over 'racist Indonesians coloring Obama too dark", we won't discuss ENDA, DADT, AIDS or anything else. That's how that works.

The art show is a beautiful tribute to our president. And it's so awesome that this is a half a world away, and as "anonymous" said, the Indonesian children are being taught that black people are diverse and have a beautiful history. That must be wonderful to attend the same school and walk the same hallways as Obama.


I'm just glad that peoples half a world away are discussing us black folks and it's all positive. That has rarely been the case in asian countries, as well as other parts of the world that buys into white stereotypes of black people.



Can you read? No one ripped those kids. I did nothing but praise their effort.


Perhaps if I were a 16 year old your silly cosign would matter but since I'm not; it doesn't. I'm an adult male with a penis and not a miss. Keep your gender confusion to yourself. Grow up people. I just made a observation about art. The personal attacks are so juvenile.

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