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08 June 2010



Yes, not the most artfully and well worded and written piece I have ever read, but thats what makes it somewhat credible- it came from him not a publicist. Still not a fan of his but Bravo.


Sometimes it pays to keep quiet or have a publicist for something of this sort. When will niggas learn?


I agree with SS. The explanation is just clunky enough to be plausible. I'm also very pleased that even if these black men (Wale included) may not be overly homo-friendly; they aren't homophobic either. I've heard a lot of straight men make dumb remarks about a lot of things and then attempt to correct themselves once they realize they may have offended someone. I appreciate this growing awareness. Keep working on it brothers.


I still have mixed feelings about what he said, but he can make it up to me in my bed and then in a public make out session!!! LOL!

I am sure that would change the public appearance he has presented in the past, then we can work on some esteem issues he may have--LOL He can still be a great fighter, but with better sense (yeah right)

-this being said all in fun

S. Flemming

I'm sick of these dudes trying to take stuff back because it may impact their paper. Him - and Wale - said what they meant. People need to own what they say and stick by it. I hate fake people who apologize after fallout from opening their mouths.


As I grow older and learn more and more in life, I have lately come to the belief that there are some things you should never have to apologize for because you never should have done it in the first place. I think that it has become so easy to say sorry nowadays that it is just a word. Actions DO speak louder than simple apologies.

I cannot say that I appreciate what he has said in his apology because he is not someone that I need to appreciate for anything. But I will give him a couple of points for at least recognizing that his outburst was uncalled for. However, he cannot travel down that road again. If he does, then this apology is just a ploy to protect his future acting career. I hope this isn't just a crass attempt to do as such.

Johny Menjivar

im still a fan regardless! keep it going strong Rampage!


Yeah, this does sound like it's directly from Rampage. I want to believe that he's not homophobic, but also understand a bit about testosterone-fuled macho fight culture -- how rolling around with big sweaty menz on a mat in a pair of micro-shorts can cause some people to worry that others might think they were gay!


If he was sincere then I'd say this is at the least a start and we should take it as that and build on it. But whos to say it was sincere??? Only time will tell if he meant what he said... Hard to knwo when you have a friend or a foe these days.

Mark N.

I totally agree Rod. This did not sound like some painted down or made up apology by a rep. It sounded like he was keeping it real. Kudos Mr. Rampage. Do your thing.

Chitown Kev


Yeah, it's kinda like what my Mom would say after someone says "I'm sorry."

"Yeah, you are a sorry MF'er", lol.

Usually, when someone says "I'm sorry" the only thing the're sorry for is that they were caught up and called out on what they knew was wrong.

Now had he said that to joke about this was indeed wrong and that he would never do it again, then that would mean something. But this whole "that's the way us straight guys are" thing is a bit of a turnoff.

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